Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Bender

Pattern: Bender Rodriguez from Stitch
Yarn: Various vintage sock and sweater yarn from thrift stores
Hook: 3.00mm
Notes/Modifications: I opted not to crochet in the stripes on his arms and legs because they are worked in spirals and the stripes couldn't line up. I embroidered the details on later.
He's stuffed with standard poly-fill and I created a wire armature inside to make him pose-able. Again, I should have used a smaller hook to make the fabric tighter so the stuffing wouldn't show through so much.

Soph did a great job creating the pattern. The details! Six little fingers!

Tiny eyeballs!

It took some patience, but I'm very pleased with the result. Especially when the few people who have seen it say; "Omigod! It's Bender from Futurama!". It's being gifted to my co-worker today - hope they like it!


Reckless Glue said...

WOW! I am totally impressed with him!

Jadded.Cat said...

ahh!! BENDER!!!!

This is beyond awesome

Courtney said...

Very cute:-)

Macoco said...

I am loving bender. You did a great job with him!

Vaedri said...

WOW! He is absolutely amazing! What an incredible job.

nicole said...

eeee! L'il Bender is so cute! And his tiny fingers!