Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Better Late than never

Is it really over? Whew! December just flies by doesn't it? No wonder I didn't finish my Christmas knitting in time! I did however finish my Dad's socks in not until after the 25th. I got him to model the one I had completed in time for Christmas though:

Not too shabby! I'm lucky my brother, my Dad and my boyfriend all wear the same shoe size so I'm never at a loss for sock models. Still, as a relative newbie to the land of socks, this pair is not without their faults. For instance, the feet are a little too long, which resulted in legs that are a little too short. In fact, I had to rip back the cuff of sock #1, to finish knitting sock # 2 (they were knit toe up). Now they look like this:

I'm hoping they will look better with a foot inside. Especially the bind off, which had me worried:

You see, when I bound off the first sock, I decided to use the suspended bind-off, as I read it was supposed to be fairly elastic. Unfortunately, that method made the edge flare, so I ripped it back and cast off the regular old way. Sock complete, I got my brother to try it on for size. The cuff was too tight. Fair enough. So, I ripped it back and tried the stretchy bind-off again. I shouldn't have second guessed myself, right? Brother tries on a second time. Still snug. *#$%@! I ripped back and tried the suspended bind-off yet again, but this time on larger needles. Success! (All the same, I couldn't help thinking how much of the second sock I could have completed instead of wasting my time with this casting off business.)

In the end, they're allright. Well, except for the wavy-looking cuffs. If I knit him another pair I'll have to shorten the foot and do some research this bind-off issue. Or I could just start knitting socks cuff down. Or maybe I'll just blame my brother for not being able to stretch a sock over his foot.

PATTERN:Simple Rib taken from a vintage pattern book
YARN: Socks that Rock Lightweight in "Obsidian" colourway
NEEDLES: 2.25 clover bamboo dpns
Knit toe-up with a short-row toe and heel


Must ship these off to Dad now. Sorry for the delay Pops!

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Reckless Glue said...

hey--the sock look great!