Monday, January 14, 2008


Well, dear readers, I have some sad news for you. New Year's eve I found a lump on my cat's chest. Just when it seems like everyone I know has been effected by cancer, now my faithful calico companion Selena has fallen victim to the big "C".

I adopted this kitty when she was a wee kitten way back when I first moved out on my own at 18. (Hence, she was unfortunately named after a pop-punk song by a band I no longer have any interest in). She's been warming my lap for many years and needless to say, I decided Selena should have the lumpectomy, even if my wallet screamed "Nooooh!". Last Thursday she underwent surgery, and after two nights in the hospital she is back in her hand-knit cat bed and recovering nicely (despite being forced to wear what my brother calls the dreadful "cone of shame").

Can this thing pick up HBO?

To try to offset the cost of Selena's surgery, I'm reaching out to you kind folks in the knitting community. I designed this simple and super-quick-to-knit hat and have dubbed it "Selena".

In exchange for a donation (no matter how small) I will send you this pattern and you can feel warm and fuzzy about helping my kitty while keeping your noggin' warm and toasty in the process. It's knit with Blue Sky Alpacas bulky hand-dyes and takes only one skein!

As an added bonus, I will send any donors all other patterns I may design for the rest of the year! (This pattern is very simple, but they're only going to get better and better, right?)

For now I'm going to pamper my furry friend in between medication battles (whoever thought it was a good idea to medicate cats in pill-form was obviously delusional!) I'll keep you all posted on her progress.


Christie said...

Poor baby kitty!

Christie said...

Your paypal link doesn't link to your account!

Courtney said...

I hope she feels better....I work in a vet hospital so I know what the cost can get to... does she need chemo?

Reckless Glue said...

what!? oh nooooo poor Selena, give her a 'lil scritch for me :(
Archie's due for an appointment next week and I am dreading the update on his heart problems...why must they always be sick?
I can't access your donation button though--is it me? I click on it and it brings me no where.

on the lighter side at least now you can say things like "Austen, the lamp's running away..."

Julia said...

I think I fixed the link. Thanks guys!

Macoco said...

I hope your cat has a speedy recovery!

Sarah said...

Thanks for visiting my site!

I hope your little Salena is better soon.

Yes, you my dear have great taste!

; )

nicole said...

awww! Your poor kitty! Give her a little nose nuzzle for me!

Nadine Fawell said...

THIS is the incentive I need to de-lurk? Shame on me. Hope your Selena-kitty gets better, they are so precious: mine does yoga with me but hates competing with the knitting for my lap...

Kate said...

Get well soon kitty!