Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wrap It Up

Alright kids, let's get the last of the holiday 2007 blog fodder out to the masses!

First up: A knitting needle case for Mum:

Here she is loading it up. (Yeah, I know Mum, I need to make another case for circulars!) I based the roll-up on the tutorial at Cut out and Keep. (If you're not familiar with Cut out and Keep, grab your board and put on your shorts 'cause you've got some surfin' to do!) I also made one for the b.f.'s Mum, Maggie, though sadly, I forgot to take pictures. She said it reminded her of a quiver, which brings to mind a merry of band of knitters dressed up like Robin Hood running through the woods shooting knitting needles through the air. (That was everyone's first thought, right?)

And at the receiving end (snicker);

A copy of Knitscene from Cara (I know it wasn't really a x-mas gift, but I dig it!), and from the common-in-laws, A Stitch n' Bitch Calender and this really neat ribbon:

Perfect for the ties of my very own quiver!


Christie said...

Ah, thanks for the link! I"ve been wanting to make cases for my straight/dpns!

Reckless Glue said...

too funny--I also gave my mom a needle roll for her DPNS for xmas this year!