Thursday, February 14, 2008



One skein of O-Wool does not a Gretel make:

So close! (For the record, I think I would have enough for the "fitted" version. I'm making the "regular"model. The "slouchy?" Forggeddaboudit!)

Darn, I guess that means I'll have to go back to the yarn store. What a shame. I hate yarn stores. Of course, I could just work on all of the other projects I have going on:

Does everyone else have a knitting box/bag/basket that doth runneth over?

I thought so.


The Happy College Knitter said...

Oh NO!! I hate when that happens! Does it look like your LYS has another skein of that available? I love the choice of color btw, I've been so drawn to oranges lately! Hopefully you get the supplies you need to finish--now you get some bonus knitting!

Macoco said...

Such a shame that you have to visit a yarn store! ;) I have two project containers, and both runneth over. It's getting a little out of hand.

Reckless Glue said...