Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ten Points of Total Miscellany

1: You like me:

I like you:

- Nutritionista
- Reckless Glue
- Hey Awesome
- Cosmicpluto
- Ysolda
- Flint Knits
- Whistlepea Knits
- Just Breathe
- Superstarra-ville
- Craft Pirate

Knitters in the news:

Check out how famous I am here.

5: We had a big snowstorm:

So I put on these:

...and took a walk through this:

By the evening my street looked like this:

That didn't keep me and the bf from taking advantage of this. We had some schmancy food here Yum!

On the way home I couldn't resist a photo session with these guys:

6: I finally finished knitting my Mum's birthday present. Details soon!

As a reward for my diligent gift knitting, I cast on another Gretel Beret:

The yarn is O-Wool and the stitch definition is go-juss. (Plus, the colour reminds me of a velour pullover my Dad had when I was little.)

My fabulous friend Jenny gave me a challenge to re-create her favourite (and now a little too worn for wear) hat:

I think it will be a snap.

9.Don't forget to get yer downward dog on 'cause it's World Yoga Day 2008. Namaste.

I have exactly one week left to enjoy my twenties. Any suggestions?


Mintyfresh said...

waaah, i want some snow here! love this list. and for your last week of your 20s, i recommend doing something momentous. on my 30th, i climbed a mountain, and it was awesome.

Christie said...

Super famous! Can I say I know you?

-OH my gosh, that hat is too cute! -And I'll have to get my downward dog on...I've been getting so stiff lately.
-The snow
-Thank you so much! You totally made my day!

donnac368 said...

I need that hat! About your 20s, only do what you want, barring losing your job or getting arrested. Your excuse in 10 days - "I was stupid and in my 20s"... :)

Reckless Glue said...

you call that snow? pffft--you Torontonians...
but ooh, that hat is so cute! I anxiously await the Julia version of that pattern!

Macoco said...

Thank you for the shout out!

I can't wait to see your recreation of that hat, it is very cool.

I think you should spend the last week of your 20s gearing up for the fantastic arrival of your 30s. Go 30!! :)

Nadine Fawell said...

Happy almost birthday! My 30's have been better so far than the 20's, but I would still party up a storm if I were you!

You like my blog, I like yours, it's a little circle of love. Kisses to Selena...

Reckless Glue said...

also i think you should spend the first day of your thirties with me watching Joan Jett at Casino Rama.
what's that? you want to? perfect.

Anonymous said...

okay, your pictures of the snow in Toronto is starting to make me I really missing out on the snow?