Monday, March 24, 2008

New Beginnings

Firstly, let me thank you all for your kind words about Selena. Seeing as it's a prerequisite for all knit-bloggers to have cats, I know you understand how hard it is to lose a pet. I'm sure she's in a better place as I'm also sure that knitters and cats must end up in the same wonderful yarn-filled heaven.

That said, no more bummer blogging! Ill-feeling pets? Ill-fitting sweaters? Did Debbie Downer write my last three posts? Sheesh! Time to clear the air, brew a fresh pot of coffee and cast on something new. This my friends, is soon, to become a pair of Mosey legwarmers from the new spring issue of Knitty:

I have longed for legwarmers since 1984 when I practiced dance routines with my neighbour Theresa (thanks, Flashdance!) Maybe when I finish these I'll buy myself that Easy Bake Oven I always wanted too. Then all my childhood fantasies will be fulfilled! (Well, except for marrying Jordan Knight, but I think I can let that dream die after seeing him on the Surreal Life. Yikes!)

But let's talk yarn. This yarn has been stash-languishing for far too long. It's Farmhouse Yarn's Andy's merino and the colour (Boysenberry) is ridiculously deep and rich . My camera just can't capture it's loveliness. It's soft and cushy and fabulous and I have no idea why I left it marinating in the stash for so long. The only downside is the velvet-y texture that attracts cat hair like, well, velvet. After all, I still have Teddy to contend with:

Just look at that innocent look on his face. "What, me? I don't shed!" Hey, we don't call ya "Shed-y Teddy" for nothin', buddy!

Also new on the sticks is a pair of Coco Knits Prairie Boots:

I'm a little stalled on these after knitting the soles. I'm concerned they may be too small. It feels a little off to me that the soles are exactly the same size as my feet:

Are they supposed to be that way? Should they not be slightly larger? I'll do some investigating on Ravelry. If they work out, it will be a welcome way to finally rid myself of another long time stash languisher, my thrifted Lopi tweed.

In other news, blogging has become a family affair! My brother Pat has entered the blogosphere over at Crate Expectations. If you dig rock history and/or record collecting, head on over and take a gander. We're taking over the interweb one blog at a time! Muah-ah-ah-ah!


Christie said...

You're a maniac...maniac....

Reckless Glue said...

cool--go Pat!

I'm about to cast-on for those prairie boots myself...(also stash-busting) Last night in the name of the Jenny cloche I decided I needed "fresh" yarn for her. 96 dollars later and stash busting became a thing of the past. And to make matters worse the yarn I want to use (that I THOUGHT was worsted) I got home and realized was chunky weight. grrr. Now I'm having trouble getting gauge for it but I'm hell-bent on making it work.

*karen said...

My best friend had a huge crush on Jordan Knight back in the day. Glad to hear you're feeling better!


Yay for Mosey and legwarmers!! Don't buy the Easy Bake Oven! Have you tasted that stuff? It's terrible. Stick to grown-up oven brownies. ;)

lekkercraft said...

Can't wait to see how those boots turn out. I have them on my queue - they're supercute. I think maybe you don't wan't them too big, or they would get scrunchie when you wear them, wouldn't they?