Sunday, March 16, 2008

Oh for two

After months of grueling snowstorms, spring is finally in the Toronto air. The sun is shining, the mercury is above zero and the snowbanks are rapidly melting. Of course, all of those melting snowbanks have just transformed into ugly grey piles of mush peppered with soggy litter and petrified dog poop but enh? It's a means to an end.

It's a good thing the weather is a little warmer as I don't think I want be sporting this latest sweater:

Okay, it doesn't look so bad there, but trust me, it's not good. It usually looks more like this:

(Notice foul expression on lips.)

Boo! Another loser. Why do I have such a hard time knitting sweaters? I don't really know what happened here. Perhaps the yarn absorbed the bad mojo from the last failed project it was knit into? Was my gauge that off? Should I stop knitting patterns translated from French?

PATTERN: "Gilet #480-T7-268" from Phildar Winter 2007/2008
YARN: Drops Alaska colour #51
NEEDLES: 5.5 mm
NOTES/MODS: The pattern had a couple of errors and some wonky instructions. I just did what made sense to me and it worked out fine. (Not that the sweater worked out fine, but I don't think my changes were the problem).
- I shortened the sleeves a good 5-6 cm
- I knit the sides and back as one piece
- I added garter stitch to the bottom of the sleeves to mimic the bottom of the rest of the sweater.

Oh yeah, and I had to buy THREE extra skeins of yarn to finish the darn thing. This sweater ate yarn like a fat man at a Vegas buffet. And then there was the long and tedious sewing up process:

I made such nice seams this time, too!

I knit the smallest size and the sweater is just too big. Not only that, but there's something about this yarn that just highlights every imperfection in my knitting. Blocking did little to rectify the situation. After knitting not one, but two failed projects with this stuff, I'm totally blaming the yarn. Bad yarn! This yarn is totally grounded.

Oddly enough, after knitting two bummer sweaters in a row, my spirit is far from broken. Quite the contrary. I am nothing if not stubborn. This is not defeat but as a call to action! How dare these sweaters defy me! I'll show them! The knitting shall be conquered! The knitting shall be shown who's boss!

How? Hats.

I've started Struan as a birthday present for my bro. So far, I'm totally winning.


Meghan said...

What a shame! It does look very cute in the first photo. I've been having some gauge issues lately too, but instead I keep accidentally making my sweaters too small. I maintain hope that with more and more experience I'll finally get the hang of it. Good luck!

Christie said...

Hmmm...that's a total bummer! That yarn is totally to blame.

Reckless Glue said...

that sucks...tho I don't think it looks as bad as you think! You need to give me a little seaming course some time. While my seams *have* gotten better...they still suck, and I always default to the same type of seam regardless of what the pattern calls for. I'm lazy like that. Yours look awesome though. I love the sleeves on that sweater too.

Macoco said...

Oh no, i'm blaming the yarn as well! The first photo looks really cute though - and the seams do look nice! Still a bummer though.

Nadine Fawell said...

Hey Julia!
Me again. I was are a really small girl, except for your bust! But I notice you often knit medium sweaters. I wonder if you could rather knit the XS or S and then did short rows across the bust? I don't know how to do this (no need when you have NO bust) but I saw cosmicplutoknits do that once, I think.