Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Frolic, part 1: Fellowship of the Yarn

I'm here, I'm here! If you're wondering why I haven't blogged in so long, well, refer to my last post. Unfortunately, not having the time to blog does not necessarily coincide with having nothing to blog about. This results in a back-up, back-log, back-blog(?) of blog fodder. Blog, blog, blog. Could I use the word blog, more? I sound like Diablo Cody!

So let's dole this out in manageable portions, mmm-kay? To start; THE FROLIC!!!

The Downtown Knit Collective's annual Knitter's Frolic is the closest thing to a fibre festival Toronto has to offer. Judging by my reaction to this much yarn in a single location, it's probably for the best we don't host something larger. I liken it to my life before cable. When I had just four channels to choose from, it was simple to find something to watch on tv. (Soap opera beats French channel, cooking show beats soap opera, Oprah beats everybody.) Cable? Digital cable? On demand cable? Too many choices for my little brain to handle. Such was the situation at the frolic.

(These sorry-looking pictures don't really do justice to the scope of the Frolic, but keep in mind my focus was much more intent on the yarn than the photography)

This year I had a time restriction, which both helped and hindered. You see, I signed up for a class that was to take place between 2 and 5 pm (more on that next time) and given the frolicking was scheduled to end at 4, I had to decide exactly how much time I would need to shop before my class. I decided two hours was reasonable.

The first hour was spent wandering around overloading my senses with colour and texture. The next half hour or so was spent recognizing faces amongst the yarn and chit-chatting with ma' knittahs. I wasn't until the last fifteen minutes were finally spent making purchases.

My first purchase was a direct result of standing in one place for too long. You see, when you're not on the move, yarn purveyors might talk to you. Those yarn purveyors are sneaky. They can smell weakness on you like patchouli on hippie. They smile and make small talk and before you know it they have you fondling some fabulous fibre and it's all over. I stood a little too close to this:

And before I knew what I was doing, I had purchased this:

Damn you, Needles and Pins! Two skeins of eggplant coloured, lace-weight bamboo. I don't know what those Habu people do, but this stuff feels like freakin' cashmere. I'm also not sure exactly what I'm going to do with this yarn, but I'm thinking it might fit somewhere into Amy's liberate-your-laceweight initiative.

My second purchase was a little more premeditated. Good Buy Yarn sells discontinued and end-of-line yarns. Their booth totally appeals to my bargain hunter/thrift shopping instincts. Big bins of pre-bagged goodies? Don't mind if I do! If it was stacked neatly in baskets I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun. I rummaged through the booth for ages, then after seeking the advice of other knitters and "visiting" the yarn three times over... I finally took the plunge:

Seven skeins of Rowan felted tweed in "herb". (This time, I know exactly what I'm going to make with it, but yeah, more on that another time.) Tweed in tow, I made my way to class, where I thought I was safe. I didn't realize there'd be recess. Oops.

This lovely yarn is Miski baby llama. Mmmm... it's like buttah! (I hope to turn this into a simple, striped pullover) In the fifteen minute break I managed to purchase a sweater's worth of yarn. It was on the route to the washroom! It was on sale! How could I resist? I was feeling a little guilty about it until I returned to my class to discover half group had made "recess" purchases. Hey, we're only human!

After all the frolicking, I was lucky enough to catch a ride back downtown with Megan and the gang from Lettuce Knit (just another one of the myriad reasons it's lovely to live around the corner from a yarn shop.) Did I forget to mention the TTC decided to go on strike without warning? No public transit for the one day I need to go somewhere outside of reasonable cycling distance? Didn't they know about the Frolic? Didn't they know I don't have a car? Of course today they're back to work. The day I don't need to leave my house. Way to raise commuter sympathy, you jerks!

Despite transportation issues, the knitters were still out in full force. Post-Frolic, Lettuce Knit hosted the More Big Girl Knits launch party. I may not be a "big girl", but it's a great book and I like to support my peeps. Besides, all the cool kids were there! Sweaters, and cupcakes and yarn - oh my! (The event was well documented so check other T.O. knit blogs if you're itchin' for pics) And, hello? Prizes!

I scored a delicious cucumber and lavender "Knit-a-row-matherapy" soy candle from Namaste.
It smells fantastic and it was promptly put to use as soon as I made it home.

So like, best day ever! Stay tuned for my finish-for-Frolic project and tales of Intarsia class!

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wow--serious haul! I may need to make a special trip for this next time...