Saturday, April 05, 2008

L'escharpe Printemps

I hope that title means "spring scarf" because that's exactly what I'm knitting:

Stuff on my cat!

The way I figure, Teddy spends so much time getting hair on my knitting I may as well beat him to the punch.

Unfortunately, he doesn't seem nearly as bothered by having knitting on his fur as I am by having his fur on my knitting. (And why is he not lying in that patch of sunlight? Isn't that what cats do? Hmm... Maybe as a red-head he knows it's safer to stay in the shade.)

Oh right, the knitting? It's the Lace Ribbons Scarf from the latest Knitty, knit with the bamboo yarn I got in France.

So far, I'm completely Loving this project. After knitting my Mum's swallowtail shawl, I didn't think I would be coming back to lace knitting so soon. That shawl and I had a lot of fights and like Great White says; "Once bitten; twice shy."

This lace on the other hand, is a lace of a different colour (har-har). It looks more complicated than it really is. Most of the time when I hear "the pattern is easy to memorize" I'm all; "Maybe for you, Einstein!". I have a great talent for messing up just about any piece of knitting regardless of complexity, and this pattern? Easy to memorize. Really. Not only that, with a little help from stitch markers I can even multi-task. Last night I knit while watching I am Legend and didn't drop a stitch. This pattern is zombie proof, people. Zombie proof!

Now that I've tempted fate enough to ensure my knitting will burst into flames, I'm going to sign off and enjoy the sunshine. Spring is sproingin' up all over the place in Toronto this weekend. No more snow - YAY!


Michael said...

Two things: Oh, the hair... and what ever happened to the glory of rock piano?

Ok, three things: nice scarf!

Reckless Glue said...

pretty --love the colour of that scarf

yarnovermovement said...

i can't seem to watch nay film w/out knitting, i can't do it, i get too antsy, i get upset now if there's a film with subtitles because its just impossible then...

Julia said...

Ha-ha! Don't get me wrong - I'm ALWAYS knitting when watching TV or movies. I just usually have more simple stuff to knit when multi-tasking.

I haven't watched a subtitles movie in ages for just that reason!