Saturday, May 31, 2008

A fine and hearty stash

Yesterday I hopped on my bike and went on down to the "More Than Just a Yardage Sale" hosted by the Textile Museum of Canada. Apparently this is a yearly event that I've been totally missing out on. Fabric, notions and yes, yarn are all sold off cheapy-cheapy to raise funds for the museum. Woah Nelly! Talk about accidental stash enhancement!

Because I never met a bulky I didn't like:

4 skeins of mystery yarn similar to Burly spun. The label only tells me it's wool and made in Canada.More bulky bits:
I think it may be Lopi, though it's not quite as rough. Who's willing to bet there's a dude walking around in a ski sweater in those colours?

Then I got a little cotton-eyed:

Five skeins of a yummy sunshine-yellow (the colour is considerably more vibrant than in this photo). I think this may become a baby item of some kind. What with all of my friends being 30ish this reproduction business appears to be a booming trend. I must fortify the stash in preparation!

THIS cotton however, tricked me:

What appeared to be a bag of 6 skeins of Katia, turned out to be 4 skeins of Katia and 2 skeins of Pingouin. Sneaky! (The yarns are almost identical despite a slight variance in the shade of black). I must have picked this up in the thick of the yarn-tent frenzy as I a) do not particularly enjoy knitting with cotton yarn and b) most definitely do not enjoy knitting with black yarn of any variety. Ah well, I'll let it marinate in the stash for a while and see what happens.

In the infinitely more usable category:

Grey worsted superwash merino. Could this BE more versatile?

Bringing in the rear (tee-hee), a little bit of luxury:

A skein of lace-weight merino/silk blend. There were actually two skeins, one red which I gave to Laura. I'm not super keen on lace-weight projects and the red was too much on the orange side for my taste. She was there, she looks good in red, I had stash guilt, it all came together. (Laura made an awesome score herself, which I'm sure will be blogged in due time)

So that's the haul! The best part? $31.00. THIRTY ONE DOLLARS! For ALL of it! I'm a sucker for a deal and this is why my stash is at least 50% thrifted. I feel a little embarrassed that my stash has grown to such monumental proportions but it looks like I'm going to need it. Remember that whole job-quitting thing? The new laptop? New cell phone? I'm going to need a hearty stash to get through the lean months. Now if only I could pay my rent in yarn...

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