Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Frolic, part deux: The Twin Colours

I never really intended to use Lord of the Rings references for my Knitter's Frolic posts. I'm just not that kind of girl. Oh sure, I enjoyed reading the books and watching the movies, but I'm not obsessive about it. I don't speak Elvish or belong to an Orlando Bloom fan club or anything. (Okay, to be honest, I actually had a brief thing with Mr.Bloom after seeing the first Pirates movie, but we're totally broken up now!) When I think about it though, the L.O.T.R thing is actually sort of fitting. Adventure! An epic journey! ! The wizardry of yarn! The wizardry of yarn? Okay, maybe this is beginning to sound more nerdy than speaking Elvish. As per usual, I'm probably just over analyzing my actions. Did anyone even notice that I followed up "The Fellowship of the Yarn" with "The Twin Colours"? Probably not. And hey, let's just get to the knitting shall we?

What are these twin colours I speak of? Intarsia!

At this year's Frolic I decided to take a class; "Picture This: Intarsia Knitting" with Maureen Mason-Jamieson. I've wanted learn colourwork techniques for a while now and I thought a class might be the only way to get off my keister and finally give it a go. I probably could have taught myself what we learned, but the classroom provided gossip I may not have picked up in a reference book. For instance; Kaffe Fassett uses knots at the back of his knitting and doesn't weave in ends! Gasp! For goodness sake, when you've got 45 colours and thousands of ends to weave in, who cares?

Turns out almost everybody. Well, at least everybody cares about seeing the back of your colourwork no matter what you do with your ends. Oh, right:

So at the end of my epic journey I realized intarsia was really not the land of Mordor after all. (Sorry, couldn't resist one last dorky reference). Now I can safely threaten to knit my boyfriend Cosby sweaters!

***note*** I don't have a third post about the Frolic coming, but if I did I would dub it; "Return of the String "

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