Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bustin' out!

Ms.Marigold is complete!

Well, sort of. I'd like to rectify this situation:

Notice anything is um, a little emphasized? I feel like I just knit a big, woolly frame for the 'girls. Hey, I don't mind looking a little busty, but I do prefer people look at my face before they look at my boobs (it's only polite). If I were to knit this again, I would definitely make some modifications to add a little more coverage in the chesticle area (like here). For now, I'm just going to re-knit the ribbing with smaller needles and fewer stitches. I may knit the rib a little longer and overlap it where it meets at the bottom of the "V" as well. Despite bustin' out all over the place, this was an amazingly quick knit (or could have been if I was a more monogamous knitter). I highly recommend the pattern, just be wary if you're bigger than a "B" cup!

PATTERN: Ms Marigold by Zephyr style (size SM)
YARN: Sirdar "double knitting" found at a thrift store
NEEDLES: 3.75mm

I'm still on the fence whether to crochet the shoulder ruffle or not. I do love the look of it, I'm just concerned that a lot of things I may wear under the vest will have puffed sleeves.

Puffed sleeves
Shoulder ruffle
= crazy linebacker shoulders?


Puffed sleeves
Shoulder ruffle
=2 X the cuteness?

Big thanks so Laura and her fancy new camera for the awesome photos!


hernamewasgreta said...

it looks lovely! i've had my eyes on the pattern for ages but just never gotten around kitting it. and thanks for the heads up, i'll try to remember to make some alterations right from the start to prevent the crazy out-busting.

hmm.. puffed sleeves + shoulder ruffle? it sounds a bit crazy to me, but i'd love to see you prove me wrong!

Reckless Glue said...

i LOVE it! Thanks for the link to the bustier version too...methinks I may need that.
my vote: no ruffles. But that's just me. I love the natural colour too, you'll probably get a lot of wear out of it. I may need to advance this in the queue if it's a fast knit!

The Happy College Knitter said...

ahaha "bustin' out", too funny. I had reluctance about that pattern for that very reason--it's nice when tops are flattering but people don't need to notice you for I thought the same thing when I was initially eying up this pattern

I vote for no ruffle, which is something you won't hear me say very often (as a ruffle lover). I think the piece looks great as it stands and will probably be more versatile this way. Aka, you'll probably wear it more. Looks great!

Oh, and I like the blue top underneath too. Love me some turquoise!

Monique said...

Aw, well at least you know you possess the skills to solve the problem.

I'll have to vote no ruffles too, but that's because I'm always a fan of simplicity with a special twist-- which I think the puffy sleeves underneath would do.

Anonymous said...

I think it's adorable. I love the whole ensemble, actually.

Chris said...

I say to hell with practicality - ruffle+puffed sleeves definitely does = 2x the cute!! You can totally pull it off!

Oh, by the way, ever since you mentioned losing your thermos like, i dunno, 100 years ago, I've had an intense NEED for a cute thermos - I've stopped myself several times - I mean seriously, where am I going to go with a thermos in my bike basket?

kgirl said...

GREAT first photo on this post - I love the colours, the composition, the focus. Ms Marigold looks wonderful, but you're right, the neckline needs slight modification. I would leave the embellishment off, on this version, just for my two cents worth. too much like gilding the lily, to use my nan's fave phrase!