Sunday, June 08, 2008

Feelin' hot hot hot

Waaah! It's hot!

Remember when all us Torontonians were bitching and moaning about the never-ending snowstorms? Allow me to ring in the new season of bitching. It's 38°C (100°F) this afternoon. I can actually SEE the heat coming off the neighbouring roofs. You know it's hot when even your indoor cat, always anxious to escape to the great outdoors, lies listless on the hardwood, completely ignoring the open door.

Poor Teddy. Eternally trapped in a fur coat.

So what does a knitter do when the mercury rises to dizzying levels? Why pull out all her yarn of course:
Okay, so call me crazy, but I've been meaning to take stock of the old stasheroo for a while now and weather be damned - it had to get did. (To be fair, I did it this morning when the temperature was slightly less intolerable). After about an hour of taking things out of one bag and putting them in another, I now have a much better understanding of the stash. I have listened to everything the stash has had to say, however shocking, and our communication is all the better for it. Call it stash counseling.

Despite all of the careful organization, only the keenest of observer will note much difference in the "after" shot:

Trust me. It makes more sense now. My most shocking discovery? I have an entire bin full of super-bulky yarn:

Not just bulky. SUPER-bulky. (It's those damn Twinkle books! ) You know how we all tend to have a "type" when looking for love? Well, my yarn type is single-ply bulky. See? This stash toss (© Yarn Harlot) thing IS like therapy! I'm learning so much about myself!

So, now that the stash has been dumped out, shaken up, bagged and tagged (so to speak), it's time I cast on something a little more appropriate for the season:

A mesh grocery tote with some GGH linen from the very oldest seeds of the stash. I'm using the basic Elisa Nest Tote pattern from the Purl Bee, but changing up the stitch pattern. I recently picked up another Barbara Walker Treasury:

I became fascinated with the "Veil Stitch" (pg.165), which isn't really a stitch pattern at all, but just a funky way of knitting that produces a super-stretchy mesh fabric. I'm hoping the stretch of the stitch and the strength of the linen will be a nice combo to contain all of that yummy summer fruit and veg just around the corner!

Stay tuned for future weather complaints - I hear there's a thunder-storm a-brewin'!


Reckless Glue said... was also about to start a mesh grocery bag.
seriously, wtf?

Julia said...

Thus proving once and for all we share the same brain.

kgirl said...

poor kitty - looks sooo hot.

A whole tub of super-bulky,eh? that's quite an achievement!!

grocery bag seems the much better option at the present temperature - the bulky is more suited to our present climate! always seems funny reading about how hot and sunny it is there when we're having a very cold start to winter here.