Monday, June 30, 2008

Haute stuff

Have you ever looked through a Vogue or Elle or whichever magazine is showcasing exorbitantly priced clothing and wonder what those pieces might look like "in the flesh". We all know about the photo trickery applied to making models and celebrities look flawless in magazines, so how much of that magic is applied to the clothes themselves? If we saw that Gucci dress up close would we notice loose threads? Would the fabric look cheap?

Well, I for one am not about to set foot in a Channel boutique to inspect their hems anytime soon . (I have a feeling if I did, they would somehow instantly smell my empty wallet and escort me off the premises). Lucky for me, I had the chance to get up close and personal with some haute couture at the Musee des Beaux Arts Yves Saint Laurent retrospective.

What was the first piece on display?

Knitting! Crazy knitting!

Apparently this is what passed for a wedding dress in the Fall/Winter collection of 1965. Mmm-kay. Somehow I don't think this walked down many aisles outside the runway variety.

It was while trying to capture the ridiculous amount of sequins on this mod little number that I was politely informed that "photographie" was not permitted.

Dang! I wasn't using a flash, which kept me under the radar for a while, but after being outed with my camera those museum guards watched me like a teenage shoplifter. In the end, I picked up a little souvenir which documents the show much more stylishly than my camera ever could.

YSL paper dolls! There's even one of the designer himself:

It was a really well put together exhibit and I highly recommend a visit should you find yourself in Montreal this summer. It's definitely the closest I have ever come to real designer duds and let me tell you, up close? They're still just clothes. Ah, you know, if you can consider a knit bridal cocoon "clothing".

R.I.P. Y.S.L!


Reckless Glue said...

uh, bridal penis more like.

Your experience there sounds exactly the same as my last visit there for the 60's Italian mod exhibit. 2 photos in I got in trouble and the was hovered over for the rest of the visit.

Have you read YSL's bio?

Zylo said...

I don't know... I think a sassy garter under that cocoon might just be all it's missing.