Sunday, June 15, 2008

Much Ado about Knitting

There's been a whole lotta stichin' going on in the T-dot this weekend! While others less enlightened were running between clubs for NXNE, I was running between yarn shops.

Friday I headed to the Purple Purl for another Knitty Yarn Roundtable . After a great time fondling yarn, I came home with this rather odd-looking swatch of super-secret test knitting...

... and a skein of prize yarn!

Mmm...this shiny goodness is Tilli Tomas "Fil de la Mer" (70% Silk / 30% Seacell in "parchment" ). Coincidentally, this is a yarn that I tested the first time I went "yarn-tasting" (it tested well!). It's an incredibly decadent skein of yarn and I'm looking forward to knitting it into an incredibly decadent eye-pillow.

The next day (as most of you already know) was World Wide Knit in Public Day / Stephanie Pearl McPhee's 40th birthday / Franklin Habit's 1000 Knitter's Toronto shoot. Whew! Lucky for me, most of the activity was taking place just around the corner at Lettuce Knit (I know, I know, I'm blessed).

I showed up, knitting in hand, ready to knit in public, get photographed, and wish the Harlot a happy b-day. Mission accomplished! I got to meet Franklin (obviously) and got raves about my dress (thanks Cara for turning me on to the the Marimekko line at H&M and Amy for snapping a good pic!)

Despite taking my camera along, I didn't take nearly enough pictures. Thankfully, where there are knitters there are bloggers. People immune to camnesia include Amy and Jackie, though I'm sure the weekend's events were documented and photographed from every imaginable angle and will be popping up on other blogs before long. I hope you all got to K.I.P. too!

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Reckless Glue said...

here's the thing about me and knitting ---I never really know about ANYTHING that is happening in the more "social" world of knitting. TG for you. also, that dress is naturally, perfection on you! I'm gettin' a lot of wear out of all my orange and brown too...