Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Totally not knitting

There is a strange anomaly happening in my fabulous new unemployed life. Now that I have all sorts of free time to knit; I'm somehow doing less knitting than when I was working full time. Wha?

I think it comes down to this: I used to feel that I deserved to knit after slaving away for eight hours at the office. Now that I am free to do whatever I like, I feel like I have to earn my knitting time. Turns out I have a crippling inability to relax. Combined with my uncanny ability to procrastinate, I'm getting a lot of things done, none of which I should really be doing.

While I should have been working on re-designing my business card, I made rhubarb crumble:

When I should have been sketching ideas for my website, I made banana loaves:

While I should have been collecting the elements for my demo reel, I made salmon fillets and roasted baby leeks:

If I were a career counciler, I would be likely to conclude my destiny does not lie in the design world at all, but somewhere in the culinary arts.

Honestly though, I have been doing all sorts of design work for friends. The trouble lies in making my own work a priority. Part of the reason I know I'm suited to the freelance world is the fact that I thrive on deadlines. Give me a deadline! Please! I shall deliver! Updating my business card, building myself a website and compiling a new reel have no set deadline. Dinner on the other hand, seems much more pressing.

So, dear readers, you must be my witnesses. I am handing myself a strict deadline:

My new logo, homepage layout and business card shall be completed by midnight, Sunday, June 8th.

Now if somebody please keep my away from this guy, I may just find some time to knit!


Anonymous said...

I love Jamie Oliver. I only have his first book, though. Time to update.

I happen to be an employment counsellor, as you know, and I would say the delightful colours of your kitchen and the time and thought you put into your food photographer really shows a talent for design.

But I mostly try to keep street kids from using our computers for the Facebook so I'm really no expert.

Reckless Glue said...

man, I wish I had your problems!

CaThY . said...

That crumble was DEELISH!

kgirl said...

I wanna come and hang out at your house and procrastinate! look at all that delicious food!!!

you have to have a bit of down time between jobs, look at it that way :)

donnac368 said...

Jamie is mine! I'd so knit him socks...

jAe said...

i want to know more about your crumble... what was the final recipe? you said it was inspired by Get It Ripe?
i`m not sure if i mention in the book that one time i tried to make the crumble using maple syrup in lieu of sugar in the top and what i was left with was baked fruit with a big cookie covering! not `crumbly` at all!