Thursday, July 10, 2008

Zucchini and segue are difficult to spell

After some careful thought about how to best collect the events of the past week into some sort of cohesive blog post... I give up. Sometimes life just refuses to be bundled into a nice, neat little package. So when life hands you lemons...

Speaking of fruit, (Hey! A segue!) I turned these:

Into this:

Home-made jam! It was surprising easy, though time consuming. WELL worth the effort. Now that I've unwrapped the mystery of water-bath canning, I might be doing a lot of this "preserving the harvest" business. (You know I'll totally be making "Madill-pickles" come cucumber season. )

Speaking of seasonal produce (another segue!), there's been a whole lot of it being served up around casa de knitteroo.

From top left 1) zucchini blossoms, 2) tempura zucchini blossoms, 3) heirloom tomato gazpacho 4) and tzatziki with fresh dill. Maybe there is a theme going on here... do I ever prepare any easy-to-spell food?

Speaking of food? Speaking of spelling? Speak and spelling? Ah, forget it! Here's the knitting:

I cast on this little number (from Phildar Spring 2 #468) after much humming and hawing. I swatched for it ages ago but was concerned it didn't seem to have enough drape. I'm using thirft store mercericed cotton. Cotton does tend to be heavy, so I'm hoping the finished piece will have enough weight to drape okay. Am I just talking my way out of ignoring the swatch? Swatches are so tricky!

Speaking of tricky (the segue is back!), my first stranded knitting project:

A skull patterned wristband as a quickie gift. Well, at least that was the intention. It will still be a gift, just not so "quickie". I've been afraid of this stranding stuff for too long. Time to seize the day! After a little playing around, I decided to carry one yarn in each hand It's slow, but I'm starting to find a rhythm. An slow, uneven rhythm. Kind of like walking with a limp.

Speaking of walking with a limp (HA!), my boyfriend broke his toe. Not that I needed to tell you that, but why waste a good segue?


Knit & Purl Mama said...

Is making jam really that easy? I'm dying to try to make some. Sounds like it would be time consuming!

Question - you can eat the flower the zucchini blossoms? I just picked my first (huge) zucchini off my plant! (Blogging later the size of it! It's huge!!)

emilyoboe said...

why waste a good segue indeed? thanks for making me laugh : )

Reckless Glue said...

whaaa? Austen broke his toe?! I'm sorry, as perhaps this was a terrible circumstance but I find myself stifling a laugh. He better not have been kicking any puppies.
Great post --I am totally wanting to knit that number myself (naturally)--(we should just start referring to the things we want to collectively knit as "band outfits" so we have a reason to always be matching) maybe it would at least be a less chunky version of friggin Iceland. and tempura zucchini blossoms? fancy! when can I come for dinner?