Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fuzzy wuzzy was a beret

Now that my last sweater project has been seamed, ends woven in and currently blocking...
(allow me to pause and turn around so you can more easily pat my back) ... I've got a raging case of startitis coupled with stash-burn fever!

This has resulted in finally casting on the skein of yarn I bought two freakin' years ago to knit a beret.

Yarn in question? Scrumptious Blue Sky Alpaca Brushed Suri. Pattern? Foxy Beret by Kim Hargreaves. The pattern is simple enough, but not being to leave well enough alone, I had to make some modifications.

I decided to use a tubular cast on, 'cause it's so pretty. I had used the technique once before, yet apparently this was no use to me as I proceeded to cast on and rip back about a bisquillion times. In the end, the yarn is so fuzzy, I don't even think you can tell I used a fancy cast-on!

I also decided to try using "knitting elastic" (elastic thread that I held together with the yarn) on the ribbed section. No one appears to use this stuff, but it seems like a good idea, non? Especially with these floppy hats that tend to take flight the moment the wind picks up. Is there a reason no one uses it? Am I missing something?


Christie said...

I've used the knitting elastic before. In the top of my Soul tube top. It just gave me extra peace of mind that the damn thing would stay up!

Oh, and *pat*pat*pat*

mooncalf said...

I used knitting-in elastic in my Kim (from Rowan Studio 1) top but I didn't feel that it was very strong. I think I'd just go down a needle size in future. It might work much better in hats thought because they're smaller and once they're on your head the elastic doesn't have to move around much (that doesn't make sense does it).

Reckless Glue said...

oooh, fuzzy...I mean foxy!

Chris said...

I've used it before in berets and mitten cuffs, but it was always an afterthought when I realized that things were too floppy - so I just run it through the back sides of the knit pieces on the ribbing and kind of cinch it tighter than it was. knitting it in is probably a way better idea. I love love love fuzzy berets! I just bought some butter yellow angora to make myself one!