Sunday, August 31, 2008

Halting the halter

With the speed at which I amass fabric and patterns, one might jump to the crazy conclusion that I do a lot of sewing. Not true. I merely plan on doing a lot of sewing. (The rate of one activity does not necessarily reflect upon the other.) Oh sure, I had grand plans this summer. After leaving my job in May, I was going to do heaps of sewing. Loads! I wouldn't have money for new clothes, but I'd have the time to sew new clothes. Brilliant! A whole new hand-made, one of a kind summer wardrobe would be mine!

The outcome of my brilliant plan? One dress:

(Note to self: Photographs taken at high noon are flattering to no one)

One, stinking, lonely dress. Any time I could have spent sewing I figured would be better spent looking for gainful employment. Many resumes and portfolios later I somehow managed to wade through the guilt long enough to make this dress. Well, okay, I got as far as the bottom hem, then abandoned it draped over a chair. I had every intention of finishing it the very next day, but you know how these things go. It may have taken months to find the right time, but somehow, yesterday struck me as "hem" day.

(!Fast and Easy", my ass")

Like everything I have ever sewn from scratch, this dress was initially much too big. I'm really growing weary of this phenomenon. I take my measurements, I chose the pattern size accordingly, and every time I end up taking in the seams to make things smaller. Does the fabric get bigger? Do I shrink? If I shrink, can I find a way to market this as a weight-loss gimmick?

So at long last, with a little jiggery-pokery (as my Mum likes to say) my dress is complete. And hey - in the time I left the dress to languish in purgatory, I discovered my sewing machine has a stretch-knits stitch setting. Noice!

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Anonymous said...

At least it's a very very cute dress!