Monday, August 11, 2008

No knit left behind

I love to start things and hate to finish them. Most of you knitters share the same curse. Unfortunately this affliction seems to be spreading. Not only do I have partially completed craft projects all over the house, I also seem to have finished craft projects that I have I have forgotten to tell you all about. Even worse, most of them I have promised to post about and then poof! They slipped through the sieve of my mind. In a (vain?) attempt to better myself and finish what I start, here are the tidbits that slipped through the cracks.

Ms.Marigold revisions: forgotten sometime in June

I ripped back the neckline ribbing and re-knit it, picking up fewer stitches and going down a needle size. Despite the focus of these self-portrait photos, this revised version of the vest is not as much of a boob-showcase as it's former incarnation.

Skull Wristband: slipped my mind a few weeks ago

My first stranded-knitting project and I forget to show you it's completion? What the hell is wrong with me? The record player photo-shoot seemed like a good idea until I accidental leaned on the "start" button. Twirling knitwear is only amusing when you're not attempting to capture it in a photograph.

Anyhooz, stranded knitting? Not so scary! I held one colour in each hand which meant having to knit continental-ish half the time. I could use some practice, but I'm pretty proud of tackling my colour-work fears. Speaking of which:

Bulky Houndstooth Pillow: Forgot to mention all-together

I was really digging the oversize houndstooth prints I'd been seeing in ready-to-wear fashion and it gave me the idea to try it with some knitting. Lessons learned:

- Houndstooth is a traditional weaving pattern
- Simple patterns aren't necessarily simple to chart
- Intarsia + Super-bulky yarn = nightmare

It's a bit of a disaster, but at least it didn't take long to make! It's too sloppy for me to bother making it into a pillow and too fiddly to frog. Any suggestions other than tossing it?

Finished jewelery from Silversmith class: forgotten so long ago I should be ashamed of myself

Remember when I took a the Silversmith for Beginners class at the Devil's Workshop? No worries, I hardly remember it myself. I posted pictures of my partially completed jewelery and then skipped to my Lou, my darlin'. For shame!

My completed jumbo silver ring with jade cabochon:

My copper "wonderwoman" cuff bracelet:

And my personal masterpiece, a wing shaped necklace made from silver, copper and bronze:

I wear at least one of these pieces everyday. So fun to take a saw and a hammer to a bunch of metal and come out the other end with custom jewelery. Wicked!

I think that about does it for my projects. Now to promote the work of others: My friend Cathy's store opens today!

THE NUTRITIONISTA: natural necessities
1255 Dundas St. W @ Dovercourt , Toronto
(conveniently located across from the liquor store)

Healthy snacks, organic staples, green cleaning products and more! (She's a registered holistic nutritionist too so she knows what she's talking about!). If you're in the T-dot, go and buy stuff!


Anonymous said...

Amazing jewellery. You are one talented lady!

I avoided stranded knitting for so long and then when I actually did it I cursed myself for being such a scardey cat.

Sherral said...

I love the way your vest turned out! It's beautiful!

Reckless Glue said...

wow--I've long admired that bracelet and necklace--amazing that you made them yourself! I may need to take a class like that...As for the houndstooth: I suppose you could add a border and have a nice facecloth--I dunno--I actually think it looks really cool!

Julia said...

Facecloth - HA! I guess I didn't make the scale of the houndstooth knitting clear: it's pillow size - about 2 1/2 feet square!

The Nutritionista said...

1. you look super pretty in that first picture and feel free to knit me that vest anytime.

2. thanks for the plug. People like to purchase their liquor before their health food (true story).