Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Stop copying me, Vogue!

My scrumptious baby llama sweater is complete! Okay, well, almost:

Seaming is not exactly my favourite activity. I keep thinking of Homer Simpson's Sanitation Commissioner slogan; "Can't someone else do it?". Though if anything will light a fire under my bum to finish it up, it's the promise of a new project around the corner.

I trust we all have our new fall copies of Vogue Knitting, yes? I'm mildly obsessed with "Nordic Tradition":

I've wanted to knit a traditional colour work-yoke-type sweater for a while now. Throw in some cables and an a-line shape? What genius came up with that? Oh, right - Svetlana Avrakh, apparently.

I'm equally obsessed with this, not so glamorously named "Drop Collar Cardi":

I have a thing for big-ass collars. I suspect this sweater may look a little different on us "normals" than on this model though. I'll have to wait and see if it turns up on Ravelry. Why is the one pattern I want to knit the only pattern from this issue NOT on Ravelry? Is it a sign? Must I be the trail-blazer? Perhaps I'm reading too much into it...

And last but not least, a note about the cover totally biting my style:

Don't they know I practically invented neon eye-shadow?


emilyoboe said...

that llama sweater is going to be so awesome! that mirasol miski is very nice stuff. also I like your eyeshadow; possibly you are outdoing vogue : )

Sherral said...

I love this post title! You have a great sense of humor!

Christie said...

Those are some lovely sweaters! And I think Vogue should just hire you you at least get paid for what they copy, right?

And you much have a ball at the MAC counter, huh?

Julia said...

Woah - that totally IS Mac eyeshadow!

Reckless Glue said...

I think I have that same shadow! (naturally...) though right now I am all about orange (and royal blue for night!)