Sunday, September 21, 2008

Debbie Blissful?

Anyone picked up the premiere issue of DB's new mag?

Me likey! I like the look of the magazine (Debbie always has pretty pictures now, doesn't she?), though the styling does tend to get in the way at times. Case in point:

If you're going to knit a dress, don't you want to know how the dress hangs? How long it is? If it's staight or a-line? What it looks like from, I don't know, the front? The magazine's stylish, yet impractical presentation got me thinking how I get irked every time Vogue Knitting puts a belts over a sweater and then I realized...

Aha! Despite it's flaws, I do like quite a few designs:

This one is one of my favourites, though probably not for me. Covering my midsection in cables is risky business. Plus the busty are advised to steer clear of turtlenecks (not that I really obey that rule, but certainly breaking two rules in one sweater is sure to invoke disaster.)

Mmm... tweed. Then there's yet another slouchy beret to ad to the queue:

I like the soft, oversize cables, but doesn't it look a little loose around the edge? (Cuff? Rim? What the hell do you call the open edge of a hat?) It looks like that hat would just slide down her face if it wasn't for those killer model cheekbones!

Don't worry, it's not all just cables knit in greys. There are a quite a few nice mens' designs in there as well as baby blankets and some other goodies. There's even a scone recipe to go with the tea-cozy pattern (oh Debbie, we know you're English already!)

Overall, I like this magazine better than Interweave, and less than Vogue. Be warned: it's selling out like mad so if you see one, grab it!


Reckless Glue said...

this looks good--I am feeling bummed out by knitting books and mags lately...I've never liked IK or VK for the most part...just got the new Twinkle book, and while it's great that there's lots of stuff in it, there is not one single thing I'm interested in making in it. Am I being too picky?
and yoga sidebar: my yoga injury is from a yoga class about 8 years ago. It hasn't prevented me from still doing yoga, but I am leery of some yarn-over-head movements --and all the painting I'm doing lately (rolling walls above my head) is totally what's thrown it out again. It may have even been something simple like half moon that did it to me in the first place.
damn weak neck. It's cuz my brain is so heavy I'm sure...hahaha

Christie said...

I saw that mag at the store on Friday but didn't buy it. I often wonder who decided to take those pictures...they obviously aren't knitters.

Reckless Glue said...

did I say yarn over head? I meant hand over head.
damn knit speak.

Chris said...

I'm totally with you on the styling thing - I mean I'll admit it definitely draws me in (like when I have to tell myself I won't really look like that Rowan model just because I make the sweater!) but I'm seriously not going to make a whole sweater based on some fashion-y side shot with a belt and the sleeves rolled up, half covered in pillows and a large hunting dog (even though I totally might love the picture!) That's one thing I'll give IK - online you can see like 6 shots of every garment from all angles. Oh, and I agree about that beret - cute, but I thought the same thing about the ribbed part - way loosey goosey looking!