Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hold onto your ovaries, it's Ladyfest in Toronto! This year, with all that free time I had over the summer, I volunteered to do some graphic design work for the fest:

(To be honest, this is the first version of an ad for Bitch Magazine that was never published. It's a long story, but I prefer this version over the one that was printed!)

I'm also participating in the Crafter's Market:

Saturday September 20th
10:30am - 4:30pm
St.Stephen-in-the-field Church
103 Bellevue Avenue, Toronto (at College)
Bakesale, Auction, Vintage Finds, Clothing, Jewelery, Plants... & more!

I'll be selling off the last of the Cherry Bomb Boutique merch - cheap! For those that don't know, Cherry Bomb Boutique is a business that I started with Cathy (there I go bloggin' about Cathy again!) a few years ago. We made hand screen-printed stuff, bags and the like, among other crafty goodies. We dropped out of the whole craft market when both of us found ourselves too busy to really give it the time it deserved.

The leftover merchandise has been taking up valuable real estate in my apartment, and as much as I would like to sell it for what it's really worth (and lord only knows, it's hard to get folks to pay a fair dollar for hand made goods!) at this point, I just need to get he stuff out of my house! I plan on making a lot of signs like this:





Here's a peek at the goods:

Hope to see you Saturday!


Reckless Glue said...

ooooh I love that fold over bag with the fairy---I remember eyeing it before in the shop-- I wish I could be there to snatch stuff up!

I should send you the leftover Reckless Glue merch from our craftsales days too--our stuff was always so giant to store which made it an extra pain in the ass. I was always so envious of those craftsalers who would pull out a little purse that held the jewellery they would display. Marn and I would be hauling in truckloads of toilet seats and telephones and giant wall hangings. aye yi.

The Nutritionista said...

Oh man! We were on to something there...look how great the stuff is! Those lucky people are getting the deal of the century!

PS - you are so totally obsessed with me.

Julia said...

Cara, the clutch is totally yours! I totally envy the crafters with small merch too! Luckily, this sale is just two blocks away!