Friday, October 10, 2008

Let it be sew

Still nothing fantastical to report about my knitting of late, so how 'bout some other stitchery?

Pattern: "THE" Simplicity 4077
Fabric: Thrift store mystery
Notes/Mods: Really wanted to make the 3/4 sleeve version, but barely had enough fabric to make the wee ruffle!

First button holes!

I am pleased as punch with this blouse (I really despise the word 'blouse', but unfortunately it fits the bill). It may just be the first garment I have sewn from scratch that I will actually wear. In fact, I have already worn if a few times to rave reviews. I even received compliments on the top before people knew I made it myself. Sweet!

In an effort to give Martha a run for her money, behold yet another completed sewing project:



Note to self: must introduce accent colour to break up matchy-matchyness of living room

So (sew?) much better. My couch used to wear a lovely slip cover which I had screen printed with cowboy and cactus motifs. The ink didn't wear well (word to the wise: heat setting fabric ink is important) and after a while the cover was looking far too shabby to hold court in my living room. It just wasn't meeting the dress code. So like any good knitter/seamstress, I put "make new slip-cover" on my to-do list and promptly forgot about it. My couch remained "naked" for months.

100% polyester = no pre-washing + cat hair repellent - yay!

Big thanks to knitter extraordinaire and "colour genius" Barbara for turning me on to Designer Fabric Outlet. They even have an extensive online store! I'm still trying to figure out why I'd never been there before. Learn from my mistake - go! Shop! Sew!


Meghan said...

The shirt came out so well! I love it with the belt.

Christie said...

So cute! Great job on the sewing projects.

cristina said...

NICE work!!! i'm very impressed.

Reckless Glue said...

that top is totally adorable!

dorie said...

that is one great top! I just bought the pattern and I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that it works as well for me.

stina said...

i love the top! amazing!