Sunday, October 05, 2008


I have recently become a one-woman hat-knitting factory which unfortunately makes for snooze-worthy blog-fodder. (Wanna see a hat I've already knit? Wanna see it in red? How about green? Zzzzz...) For the sake of keeping us all alert, let's forgo the knit content for a bit and yack about some other stuff, shall we?

Last night marked the 3rd (?) annual Nuit Blanche event in Toronto. It's marketed as a "free all-night contemporary art thing" but really, it's just a bunch of drunkards wandering the streets trying to distinguish the art from the general landscape.

"Is that art?"
"Um, I think that might just be a plastic bag stuck in a tree."
"Yeah, but isn't Yoko Ono putting stuff in trees this year?"
"Maybe... take my picture with it!"

I laid low this year as I'm just getting over a cold, but I felt I had to do something, so I took a little walk around the 'hood. First up, and conveniently located down the street from my apartment: Pixel Gallery's "The Artillerist". You can read the fancy arty explanation in the link, but essentially, a group of artists re-vamped a Wii game! The controllers were embedded in plastic guns and custom digital brushes were created allowing participants to make kick-ass digital art on screens hanging in the gallery. Art not guns!

I'm armed with creativity!

Next I took a little stroll to Trinity Bellwoods park where Regine Schumann had an installation called "Glow worms":

As impressive as a park full of 1000 blinking red lights may be, it proves almost impossible to photograph. This exhibit was probably best seen early, as judging by the amount of people shoving lights down their pants, there may have been precious few "glowworms" left by dawn.

And lastly, I took part in something a little closer to home. The fruit market across the street from me recently closed down (no great shame, it was pretty crappy and there are two more on the same block). Rumour has it Starbucks is moving in. No big surprise to most, but Kensington Market isn't a Starbucks kind of neighbourhood. Not only that, but there are already at least six cafes in the area. Some bright individual put up "suggestion boxes".

I've always suspected Starbucks is somehow inherently evil, though I have no real proof. I wouldn't say I'm exactly anti-Starbucks, just anti-Starbucks in my neigbourhood. Grande Frappuccino? I'd be much happier if I could get an organic steak across the street.

Cross your fingers the Starbucks won't move in and drive up my rent!


Reckless Glue said...

ok so at first I thought you were rocking some kind of early halloween bonnie & clyde number with that gun (& trench & beret...)

Anonymous said...

Well, you may think you're a one woman hat factory, but I love your designs! Please don't totally stop!