Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Make Do and Mend

The old war-time adage "Make do and mend" seems to be gaining popularity, what with the current economy and all. It's suddenly chic and ecologically friendly to save, fix and re-use things. Funny, as my first thought when something breaks has always been to fix it. Maybe that's because I always seem to be in a state of financial crisis regardless of the Dow Jones.


(Sorry, you will all just have to "make do" with early mornin post-work photos taken with the self-timer.
My head may be cut-off, but trust me, you don't want to see my expression pre-coffee)

I suppose this wasn't so much an exercise as making-do, as an exercise in patience. Sure the pattern was free and the fabric thrifted, but if it takes three days of pulling out your hair, is it really worth it?

Okay, I guess it is. I love this skirt. The details almost killed me, but it fits like a dream. High-waisted, stylish, that bizarre pinky-orange sherbet colour that only seemed to exist in the sixties... I couldn't tell you what the fabric is, but the pattern is Kasia from the Burda Style site. Sew at your own risk: this pattern is not for the faint of heart.


I have a pretty sweet deal when it comes to haircuts. I call my friend Laire, I go to his place or he comes to mine, he cuts my hair and I pay him in trade. In the past, repairing a shirt, hemming a pair of pants and sewing some pillows have provided me with some pretty stylish do's. After my last cut, I was presented with a pair of hand knit socks in dire need of repair. I'm not talking about a simple running stitch or hole in the toe, these socks looked as though someone had placed cherrybombs in the heels, lit a match and headed for the hills.

The socks had been knit by Laire's 'Nana" who has sinced passed away. (Strong sentimental value will drive people to wear their socks until they appear mangled by small explosives.) Apparently Nana was all but blind when she knit these socks, meaning I had my work cut out for me. I thought "No problem! I'll just rip back the old knitting, pick up the stitches and knit a new heel. Piece of cake!". After a night of fighting with worn out acrylic loops of yarn I was ready to start paying for haircuts with cold hard cash. Then I saw Laire and realized how much the socks meant to him. Dammit! I persevered:

I knit an "afterthough heel", for those playing along at home.

My next "haircut project" is all picked out (a slouchy toque) but the hairstyle itself is not. I'm thinking about doing something drastic. Maybe it's those Northern Exposure re-runs I keep catching, but I feel like doing something drastic.

I'm a little apprehensive about going short though. A bad head-shaving incident at 17 left me looking like a pudgy 12-year old boy. What if people think I'm a boy? What if I look less like Maggie O'Connel and more like A.J Soprano? I'll keep you posted on whether I take the plunge or get cold feet (Ha! Cold feet! Northern Exposure?! Sigh...)


Reckless Glue said...

omg you could totally pull of the short do! do it!
and the skirt is fab...though I must say I just bought a virtually identical one at H&M for 20 bucks. beats fightin with my sewing machine...though you are far more patient than I and were clearly rewarded!

Anonymous said...

This might make you change your mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpcYPiE6A1s&feature=related

The skirt is great!

The Nutritionista said...

Ok that skirt is a dream come true!

You know I am a fan of the short haircut. You also know that i have to get my haircut like every 2 months to keep it short and sassy and keep it away from being Casey from Mr. Dress Up. If you're willing to do the up keep, i saw CUT IT!!

andrea said...

That Burda skirt is one of my favorites! I knew when I saw that pattern that I wouldn't have the patience, but yours looks awesome.

jessica said...

love the skirt... looks great!

KGLO said...

love the skirt :) That's a good reason for me to learn how to knit.

Can't wait to see how your hair comes out. I have terrible luck with drastic cuts. Last time I looked like a cross between a flapper and a seven year old boy. ugh. But the color of your hair is so completely fabulous that I'm sure anything will look awesome.

Sorry for the blog stalking. Found you on ravelry, and quite entertained :)

kgirl said...

the skirt was SO worth it! glad you've told us of the skill level required, though - I had been contemplating it, but now I think I'll get a more experienced friend to do it!!

just be careful, short hair can take more maintenance than longer, it always needs re-shaping etc. but I think it would look super-good on you :)