Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Other People's Knitting

Ah, the holiday season. So much gift-knitting. So much gift-knitting that you can't post pictures of for fear of ruining the surprise. "What do you mean you saw that scarf on the Internet? Santa knit that!" (If Santa is half as magical as people make him out to be, you can be sure he's a knitter. ) So what's a blogger to do? Steal from the blogless! (or blog-free as the eponymous Rachel H prefers)

I went through a good slew of posts blogging about my gal Cathy, and now I suppose I'm in a "Barbara" phase. I wrangle yarn with Barbara back at the Romni Ranch, and recently got roped in (Ow! My sides! They're splitting!) to modeling her latest creation, the Bellwood Cowl and Cap:

Pattern available on Ravelry and Patternfish.

You might recognize the Barbara touch if you have a copy of Amy Singer's No Sheep for You. She's credited in the book as a "colour genius" though as much as I admire her sense of colour, I think the genius lies more in her use of mosaic knitting. Mosaic knitting, people! Do it! It's totally easy!

One of the things I really like about mosaic knitting is it's tendency to look a lot like mod-sixties sort of prints.

(Remember my one and only (so far... wait, can you use parentheses inside parentheses? Or do they have to be those math kind of brackets like [this] or {this}? Where's Strunk and White when I need them?) attempt at mosaic knitting?)

(Totally stolen Flickr photos - I hope the rightful owners don't mind)

You can make pictures with the mosaic technique too, though it's a little limited. It's a bit like pixel art - everything turns out looking a little robotic:

Or as Amy Singer thinks in this pattern: Devo-esque

(More blatantly stolen photos, this time from Knitty and the Knitty blog respectively)

Wait, this was supposed to be a post about blogless Barbara and I ended up mentioning dual-blogger Amy. Oops! Well, there you go. Until I knit something available for release on my blog you will just have to be satiated with material regurgitated from other internet sources. Wait, does that mean I'm a real journalist now?


Barbara said...

Great to see your post after a long day of yarn-wrangling. Rawhide!

Anonymous said...

I love The Elements of Style! I bought a copy in high school. I was real cool.

jessica said...

love the colourwork... will have to try some in the new year... resolution #1!

GinkgoKnits said...

With regards to parentheses, you just go on using more inside one another. Brackets have a different meaning (indicating replaced text in a quote). I heard this from a writing teacher who has recently published a grammar book. She claimed that you would only use brackets to differentiate from parentheses in algebra -- little did she know that's technically incorrect as they should still be regular parentheses. Brackets in math usually indicate a matrix and could be just as confusing as this comment is becoming.

Reckless Glue said...

that set looks great on you --and I love the colour palette she's chosen...totally entering back into a neutral phase myself I think.

Jennifer said...

Hi Julia,
I have been reading your blog for about a year now. I totally admire your great sense of humor,as well as your knitting skills. I have been tagged, and I am tagging you if you'd like to join in.
Love your work.