Thursday, November 06, 2008

Raspberry Boysenberry Beret


PATTERN: Bounce from Yarn Ball Boogie
YARN: Farmhouse Yarns Andy's Merino
COLOUR: Boysenberry (sorry, I think it's discontinued)

I bought two skeins of this yarn at Purl two years ago with the intention of making a shrug, but never found the right pattern. The poor yarn languished. Once in a while I would visit the yarn, look at it, admire it's lovely saturated colour, it's fabulous squooshiness, and wonder what it might become. I thought the yarn had met it's match with Knitty's Mosey legwarmers but alas, the yardage was skimpy and the gauge was off. Then I tried knitting a Jenny with the yarn doubled - too stiff! Finally, one fateful day while blog-hopping... Bounce! A squishy beret pattern knit with the very same Andy's merino? Parfait!

Bounce became my NYC vacation knitting; appropriate, no? Knitting the yarn in the land from whence it came?

While the finished product is quite nice, I'm finding it far too large. I know it's supposed to be large, but I have my limits. If the hat falls off when you bend over? Too big. If the hat rests on the top of your shoulders? Too big. If the hat can be easily confused with something one would stuff their dreadlocks into? TOO BIG! (There's a fine line between over-sized beret, and rasta-hat).

I DID however like the pattern's method of knitting brioche stitch, but would love to figure out a way to work the same method in the round. Hats knit flat? Why?

Big thanks to Barbara for the pictures, and to Cathy for once again (unknowingly) providing the locale.


Reckless Glue said...

diggin' the new bangs! --I know what you mean...a few of my last year floppy berets have me looking a little too mush-mouth for my liking. I do think that hat looks fabu on you though!

Miss Becca said...

That looks really awesome! I have to say- berets arent really my thing, but yours is really making me crave boysenberry jam BIG time!