Monday, December 15, 2008

Checking it twice

How did this happen? I promised myself I would NOT get in a Christmas knitting crunch this year and here I am. I decided to knit gifts for my immediate family and immediate family only. This consists of three people. Three. A completely reasonable and attainable goal...maybe. I'm beginning to collect excuses in case this goal is not met.

1. I had to knit hats for a boutique!
I don't care how easy they were, that there is a pile 'o hats people!

2. Holiday parties!
The b.f's office party - MadMen themed. Note to self: next time you spend hours teasing your hair into a beehive and gluing on false eyelashes be sure to get better photo documentation.

3. God-forsaken argyles! (I won't bore you with photos. I'm on the second sock. It looks just like the first)

4. I'm designing one gift myself!
The soon-to-be "Pat Hat".
It's cashmere, it's unisex, it's a present for my brother and therefore totally secret.
I'll write up the pattern after x-mas!

5. I knit for Lairecuts!

The toque I knit for my friend and "hair genius" Laire.
Yarn: Classic Elite Superfine Alpaca
Pattern: my own

6. Life is hard.

"Life is hard" has become my latest, favourite, catch-all catch phrase. It works especially well when you really have nothing to complain about. Par example: "Holt Renfrew sold out of the wallet that matches my Louis Vuitton handbag. What am I supposed to do? Life is hard!"

Good luck to all of you with your holiday knitting!


Reckless Glue said...

oooh mad men par-tay: you look fabulous! A. doesn't look too schlubby either...

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I need to work where he works. You looked awesome! I mean swell.