Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I won!

Second toe stitched up at 1am Christmas eve just as Jimmy Stewart heard that bell ring.
Photo-documentation severely lack-luster

Pattern: "Argyle Socks" from an 80's Patons "sock and gloves" booklet
Yarn: Miscellaneous thrift store finds; some Poppletons, some Patons Kroy
Needles: 2mm
Notes/Mods: As much as I really adore argyle, I adore myself more. I will never again put myself through the torture of knitting such a fiddly pattern on 2mm needles!

Were they well received? Well, considering my Dad is a hard sell on just about any gift (and that he really wanted a flat screen t.v. - yeah, right!), I think they went over as well as could be expected.

Mum on the other hand, is an easy-pleaser:

Mum got the Praire boots I knit for myself in the summer. They had turned out too large, and I held onto them until I needed a gift for someone with larger feet than mine. I couldn't have found a recipient more deserving! But just in case you think Mum got the shaft, I also gifted her with a knit scarf kit. She had admired Nicky Epstein's flower scarf from the Vogue Knitting magazine I brought home last Christmas, so I thought I'd knit it for her this year. Given the time-suckage that those argyles became, I had to cut some corners. In the end, I offered to knit it for her after-the-fact, and she accepted.

As much as I desperately wanted to cast on something for myself post-x-mas, I'm really enjoying knitting this scarf! It's just the right of balance between simple and complex. Wee garter stitch flowers! In silk! Fun! You don't know what your missin', Ma!

On a completely unrelated note, allow me to introduce you to my new 'do':

Yup, I took the plunge! 2009 will see me using a lot less shampoo.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Your hair is gone! Kind of Annie Lennoxie - So cute!

The Happy College Knitter said...

Your projects look absolutely wonderful. Not to mention your hair--wow, stunning!

Have a happily knit new year!

Reckless Glue said...

all fabulous! when we saw you the other day it was like you'd always had that hair, it suts you so well!

Michael said...

Verra nice socks. And I love the new do.

Chris said...

woo hoo! you're right - drastic hair cuts are fantastic and yours looks just smashing! I love it! and those socks are the best - in my opinion it's nearly impossible to beat anything argyle!

Annie said...

The cut looks perfect on you!

Anonymous said...

Niiiice hair!
Also, impressive knitted goodies!
ALl I knit these days is toys for charity. Haven't even managed to ravel them!

jacquieblackman said...

Short hair rocks! Love it (and you X-Mas projects)!

kgirl said...

hair is awsesome! love the fringe

Cheryl said...

Hi Knitteroo!

I'm new to your blog and can I just say that I love it??

I also adore your Prairie Boots. I've added it to my queue.

So, I've been doing a little bit of research on the boots (i.e. looked them up on google images). Out of all the boots I saw, yours are my favourite. They look/fit fantastic!!

Question for you:

What yarn/needle size did you use? I suspect your yarn is a little chunkier than the yarn the pattern calls for.

Would love some feedback!

Keep up the good work,