Thursday, December 04, 2008


I have a theory that if you give set yourself an unrealistic goal, the pressure to attain said goal will eventually become so great you will inevitably collapse like a house of cards. Let's say, for instance, you decide to give up sugar. Not just cookies and candy, but ALL sugar. Slowly you begin to notice that sugar is everywhere. Sugar is in ketchup. Sugar is in salad dressing. Sugar is in just about every packaged food available. After a few weeks of chewing dried fruit and making your own BBQ sauce, you may just explode and eat an entire cheeescake.

Not convinced? My theory is proven again and again in the fibre community. On a yarn diet? How long can you hold out before you see a "sale" sign and take home a sweater's worth of cashmere? Attempting project monogamy? How long until the first snowfall and you need a pair of mittens? Deadline knitting? Deadline knitting for x-mas? Deadline knitting for x-mas and therefore shan't be casting on projects for personal consumption until the new year?



1. My other hand-knit scarves match most of my jackets but NOT all of my hats.
2. This yarn is recycled from an old project.

3. I had no "mindless" knitting to work on during S'n'B nights or whilst watching movies with subtitles.
4. I'm only human.
5. The god-foresaken argyle socks will be the death of me.

A sidenote on the argyles: I really have to suck it up, stop complaining and keep knitting. If I had knit a row for every time I whined about how totally no-fun these socks are to knit; I'd be done by now. Everyone knows I'm knitting these (godforsaken) argyle socks; my boyfriend, all of my friends, my co-workers and just about every second customer at work. If I fail to complete these (godforsaken) arygle socks, I'll have a lot of people to answer to. I know what must be done. I'd rather just give up sugar.

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Reckless Glue said...

another in the same knitting interests category: totally knit that scarf about three years ago myself! Though at the time my interest in knitting was mediocre and I chose a white (likely acrylic) SPARKLY yarn. I think I was hoping to look all "snow princess" or something. I wonder where that thing is now....