Monday, January 19, 2009

Beret bounty

Can I pull this off?

Are you sure?I don't know...

You don't think it looks like a macrame experiment from 1975?

Shucks, okay, then. I'll wear it!

Pattern: Urchin by Ysolda Teague (from Knitty Fall 2007)
Yarn: Farmhouse Yarns Lumpy Bumpy by Charlene (the sheep)
Colour: Avocado
Needles: 7mm
Notes/Mods: Knit the small size, but added two pattern repeats (9 wedges all together) after deciding the hat was looking rather wee:

This knit up quick! I worked on it Sunday afternoon while playing shopkeeper at the Nutritionista. When I started I had customers look at the pattern on the counter and say "Ooh, is that the hat you're knitting?" Before closing time it was on my head. I polled people on whether the hat was looking too crazy and more than one person said; "You could pull it off. I couldn't, but you could." Hmm.

This has me wondering; do I want a hat I have to "pull off"? Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered that perfect strangers seem to think I have the ability to take fashion risks, but doesn't "pulling it off" just sound like a lot of effort? Like I have to squint and clench my fists while wearing said beret?

Regardless of off-pulling, Urchin is a really fun knit and a pretty ingenious pattern. I think if I were to knit it again, I would choose a solid coloured yarn. Thick-and-thin as well as multi-hued is a whole lot of business going on for one little chapeau.

Whilst pondering the wearability of my new beret, I found the answer was waiting in the mail.

Maggi, my mother-in-common-law (I'm coining the phrase!) surprised me with a beret from her needles! The pattern is "Vintage beret" by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Magazine #44. I believe the yarn is Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK. Thanks so much, Maggi!

It's such a completely different look than the Urchin beret that I now have a choice for when I don't have the energy to "pull off" my hat. In fact, I can just "pull on" this beret - groan!


Reckless Glue said...

no way--I love that lumpy-bumpy-green...I think it looks fab!

The Nutritionista said...

If you no longer want to "pull off" the green one....GIVE IT TO ME!

jacquieblackman said...

Both are awesome! One is funky-funky and the other is refined-chic. Wouldn't Tyra say something about being "fierce" or "owning it" or something? Words to beret-wear by, if you ask me!

KnitWit said...

I love the green Urchin! I think that they just meant that your style is funky enough that it works on you, while someone who dresses a little plainer would have trouble being able to wear it.

I think both the berets look great on you! =)

nicole said...

I think after you 'pull it off' a couple of times, it will get easier & you'll just be able to just 'put it on.'