Saturday, January 31, 2009

For the Birds

I am here-toward declaring February knit-for-me month! (It's the month of my birth and damned if I won't drag that birthday out for as long as possible.)

My first sweet, selfish project is one I've been meaning to knit for a long time:

Kate Gilbert's Bird in Hand Mittens. Colour-work! Eek! I've finally come to the realization that in order to master stranded knitting, I have to practice stranded knitting. Novel idea! So far my tension, (much like Jessica Simpson's recent weight-gain), is all over the place. As I have two yarns and two hands it makes the most sense to me to knit with one yarn per hand. Unfortunately, my right hand knits like a corvette and my left putts along like a model-T Ford. At least the inside looks pretty much like it should:

After mitten mayhem, I'm can't wait to jump on the bandwagon to Owl-town:

Photo shamelessly stolen from the designer, Kate Davies

I'm hoping the Owl sweater will lift the curse of the Alaska yarn.

This yarn was first knit into a train wreck of cables, then reincarnated as a saggy cardigan. (Perhaps it came from an evil sheep?) I'm hoping the third knit will be the charm.

p.s. I am fully aware that Alaska does not knit to the same gauge as the Owl sweater. I will make the necessary adjustments. I'm may be crazy, but I'm not stupid! Wait, did I just jinx myself! Dammit!


Andrea said...

OMG owl sweater!!! :O

Reckless Glue said...

oh yeah baby that owl sweater is awesome...totally queuing that myself!