Wednesday, February 04, 2009

C +

Don't you hate when you try something new and aren't totally fabulous at it right away? I do. I like to be pretty awesome at stuff. Above average at least. That's why I went to art school instead of becoming a professional athlete. I can totally kick your ass at colour theory? Football? Not so much.

If I were to grade myself on my knitting thus far on the Bird in Hand mittens, I'd give myself a C plus at best. There are puckers:

...and boo-boos:

... and I got so carried away with memorizing the palm chart that I forgot to include the flower design that was supposed to be there. Oops!

Why can't I be awesome at everything right away?


subliminalrabbit said...

aww, it doesn't look that bad. you're being way too hard on yourself. ;)

knitography said...

I think you'll find that colour work looks MUCH better after it's blocked, so you might want to hold off on grading yourself!

Samantha said...

Oh I totally hate that. I will rip a few times trying to perfect and finally give in and accept my "first" attempt.

But hey, are you carrying floats? In my first Fair Isle mitten I did, and for the second I learned how to weave and the puckering diminished greatly. Check out this video:

Chris said...

ooh, maybe the puckers just need a good hard blockin'. The boo boos - no one else in the world would notice! they're still A-number-one!