Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Every dusty rose has it's thorn

While all of my current knitting projects seem to be marinating in various states of "undone", let me tell you a tale of me and a certain little chair. Meet Dusty Rose:

Dusty Rose has been my trusty drafting table companion for many a year. Found on the curb, her facade may be faded, but her bones are strong. I should mention I found Miss Dusty on the side of the road... ten years ago. Yes, you're looking at decade-old garbage, posing for photos in my messy kitchen.

From the moment I brought Miss Dusty home, I had every intention of giving her a make-over. You see, there are very few colours I can't tolerate, and "dusty rose" is one of them. "Dusty rose" is to the 80's as "harvest gold" is to the seventies. It seemed different and fresh at the time, but now it finds itself horribly dated. Never mind dated, it was never that good in the first place. Dusty rose is the colour of retirement homes and dentist offices, decorative wallpaper borders and faux silk flowers arranged in porcelain vases shaped like kittens.

Last Monday, it was time.

As I pried back the staples I feared the worst. A decade of dust... mould... hairy beasties! Not only were the chair innards parasite - free, they were totally salvageable.

Hey - This foam is almost "harvest gold"!

After a little elbow grease and a whole lot of staples, Dusty Rose is no more.

I know, I know. I recovered the chair with vintage fabric, essentially sending the upholstery even further back in the decorator time-line. But hey, the seventies are cool now! Perhaps I should have just waited another ten years until "dusty rose" came back into fashion.

No, this ad is not from 1989, it's from 2009.

It all comes back eventually... right, Benetton?!?


Reckless Glue said...

looks awesome! the first thing I ever asked my mom to knit for me in around 1984/5-ish was a dusty rose boat-neck vest thingy. (more of a smock, really). I WISH I still had that thing now. I distictly remember asking for it in just that way too "it HAS to be dusty rose".
In retropsect it was likely far superior to the giant navaho-eque jacket I insited she make me during my 1989/90 "guatemalan" phase. *shudder*
I am clearly never as cool as I think I am.

The Nutritionista said...

That's one purdy chair!

msflowerlegs said...

and she does upholstery too!
you've inspired me Miss Knitteroo!

andrea said...

Oh man!!! I'm in Italy and those Benneton ads are everywhere. Some of the girls have huge eyeliner like me, so I like them!

Fox said...

Love the story of Dusty Rose!!!!