Monday, March 16, 2009

Somewhere over the dude rainbow

If there's a sure-fire way to prevent a knitter from finishing a project...'s starting a new one. With my bro's b-day around the corner I decided to cast on a little giftie.

The yarn is from an alpaca scarf kit I got at La Droguerie in Lyon (sigh...France...). The kit came with instructions to knit a simple rainbow striped scarf which though cute, was definitely not going to work for my brother.

Rainbow stripes? Juvenile. Paul Smith stripes? Divine!

I needed to flip those stripes on their side and channel Mr.Smith! I picked up a skein of Drops Alpaca (conveniently nearly identical to the La Droguerie yarn) in a nice heather-y tan colour to use as my main "background" colour, crunched some numbers, and set to work casting on no less than THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY STITCHES!

Despite the ridiculously long cast-on, I'm thoroughly enjoying knitting this. Mindless garter stitch = fun! I was initially choosing the colours equally mindlessly by just knitting whichever bit of yarn came out of the bag first, but after a few rows I was worried things were getting a little girly:

Purple/pink/baby blue? Girly, right?

I'm not usually one for believing colours to be gender-specific (can we all just get a grip on pink, people?) but I wanted to be careful considering this IS a gift. After the colour intervention, things got a little "Welcome back Kotter", so I think it will all balance out in the end.

70's colours are good colours in my bro's world. Mine too, for that matter!

Apparently Paul Smith doesn't give a rat's ass about what constitutes "manly" colour either:

These socks were found in the men's catalogue. Given the number of knitters I see buying grey yarn to knit socks for the men in their lives, these colours are definitely in the "danger zone" for a lot dudes out there. I feel sorry for these poor, colourless men. Who wants to live in a world where rainbows look like this?

"Dude Rainbow"


Reckless Glue said...

orange and brown --70's colours all the way, baybee. I'm sure Pat will lurve it!

kgirl said...

hehe...dude rainbow cracked me up.

the stripes you're creating look way cooler!

nillakitty said...

Dude rainbow!

Love the scarf colors! I hope we get some modeled pics...