Sunday, April 12, 2009

Simplicity is as Simplicity does


Yes, I've been cheating on my main squeeze Sir.Knit and had myself a little fling with Mr.Singer.

I'm not a big spring / summer knitter. That is, I knit during the summer, but I don't knit summer things in the summer, dig? Knit cotton tanks? No thanks. Once in a while I dust off the old Singer (that's a blatant lie, it has a dust cover) and bust out a garment. Of course, by bust out, I actually mean sew and re-sew seams that I messed up, curse when the the bobbin runs out of thread, burn myself on the iron and end up with a virtually unwearable, decidedly homemade looking, sad excuse for a garment.

Once in a while I get lucky.

Pattern: Simplicity 4077 (view D). I made view F last year
Fabric: Mystery silky synthetic from a craft swap. Thrift store buttons. In fact, I spent more money on the thread for this project than anything else.

***Skip this next part if you're not a sewer. You're eyes will be in danger of glazing over***

Mods/notes: Despite having sewn this for the second time, I kind of messed up the collar. I couldn't figure out how it was supposed to line up so I trimmed it. Oops! Now the gap at the top of the button band it a little big, but enh? We'll say it's my own personal twist on the mandarin collar. I did however learn from my last crack at this blouse that while it fit in the bust fine, it was a little looser than I liked around the waist. This time I cut the fabric to the same bust size, but graded the pieces to the next size down at the waist. It worked! Other mods - I flipped the sleeve cuffs up because they hit at a weird point at my elbow that drove me bananas. I also added a snap between the second and third buttons to prevent dreaded boob-gappage.

Yeah, that's right. I'm workin' a bit of a faux-hawk.

Whew! Okay that's it. Knitters - you still with me? I promise something woolly and wonderful is on it's way next post! Hoot!


Reckless Glue said...

I looove that top...why can't I find a dress with sleeves like that? fab job. I think we are also about to have dueling owl posts. Prediction: yours=good, mine=sucktacular. stupid chunky yarn.

The Nutritionista said...

Faux-hawk + 80's inspired hand made blouse = FOXY!