Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crafty Genes

I made mention that I took a last minute trip to my hometown last weekend. Unfortunately it wasn't to open a cottage for the season but to visit my Mum in the hospital. BUT WAIT! Hold your sympathy, it's not that bad. Mum fell and dislocated her hip (bad) but is recovering nicely (good), isn't in any pain (good) and is simply bored out of her gourd having to lay around with her leg immobilized (bad, though a good sign that she feels well enough to complain of boredom).

It was a whirlwind trip, and I found very little time I found to knit. I did however take the opportunity to document some of my Mum's crafts around the house. Wanna take a tour?

Come in the front door and you will be greeted by Dad's Lopi sweater hanging over a dining chair:

Now, I know you're a knitter, so you probably want to check out the inside:

Nice, right? What's over there on the couch?

Quilting too, huh? And what's this?

Oh yes, the throw Mum crocheted so quickly she had to wear a wrist brace!

Let's pop downstairs to watch some tv. Need something to occupy your hands? There's always a work in progress by Mum's chair:

And check out the hooked rug!

Yup, we're going back in time here. 70's! Speaking of which, have you seen the quilt in the guest room?

I love this thing, especially because most of the fabric is from my Mum's old dresses... and might I ad.. was stitched by hand?

Don't even get me started about the multi-craftual stash:

There's not enough room on the blog.

Yup, my Mum's pretty crafty. No wonder I turned out this way!


Reckless Glue said...

your mum and my mum should have their own sewing circle! poor her and hee hip though :(

Christie said...

Cute! My mom's the exact same way!

Fox said...

This is soooo funny! I see the genetic stamp of all things craft very clearly now! You didn't have a chance!

The Nutritionista said...

I LOVE that rug!!

Sel and Poivre said...

Hand stitched quilts made from old clothes - that's a quilt!! (not so much fabrics bought to match, machine sewn and quilted). What a great tour through a prodigious crafter's home!

Miss Becca said...

Can I live at your Mum's house? It's a far cry and a welcome change from the suburban, yuppy house I grew up in. And I hope your Mum heals quickly!

kgirl said...

I don't think you really stood a chance!

glad to hear that you're Mum is on the mend

chicwithstix said...

that is awesome!!! Your mom is very creative and talented. Mother like daughter....