Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crotchety Crochety

The jury has spoken:

To be honest though, I may have chosen
teal and orange no matter what the results!
These little "snowdrops" are deceptively easy
and fun after all that AT SAME TIME nonsense!

Thanks for all the input folks! I find it truly hilarious that there was hardly any consistency with the votes.

Though I've been trying to remain project-monogamous in order to get this jacket knit before the heatwaves of summer... there's been a bit of an accident:

I don't know what happened! I got a bee in my bonnet one day about resurrecting forgotten crochet skills, then a certain someone kindly showed me how to hook a granny square and before I knew it all hell broke loose!

I suppose my definition of "all-hell-breaking-loose" is this crocheted Christmas ornament.

I think the knowledge was buried in the back of my grey matter somewhere just waiting to be dug up. You see, at the tender age of 13 I started making a granny-square vest (horrors!). I know the project was inspired by something I saw in a magazine (Seventeen?) but it never came to fruition. Apparently my mother KEPT this incomplete nightmare (must remember to photograph on my next visit home). I seem to recall a lot of black combined with primary colours. Eeek!

The 'hooker' in me returned with a vengeance, as did my mild distaste for the granny square motif. Wait now, allow me to explain. You see, my granny (yes, I actually called her 'granny') used to crochet giant blankets in completely insane colour combinations. God love her, she was a fantastic grandmother, but her colour sense lacked a certain, um, 'je-ne sais quoi'. Her penchant for combining red/white/green Christmas yarn with 80's neon yellow and 70's mustard has scarred me for life.

Solution? HEXAGON!

The slightly more complex shape pleases me to no end. I know there are beautiful examples of granny-square goodness out there, but it's gonna take this girl a little time to heal, okay?


subliminalrabbit said...

you went right with those colors! and crochet? *gasp*

Anonymous said...

I am CONVULSING with laughter. After a good, solid moment of sputtering! I cannot believe it! That is great news....

xxooxx a certain someone........

Anonymous said...

I am LOVING the color combo! Looks lovely.

CĂ©line said...

I am in a granny square mood myself and since I tried crocheting with alpaca, I am hooked!