Sunday, May 24, 2009


I keep looking at the pieces of my Snowdrop Jacket and thinking; "Why aren't you finished!?!".

Maybe because I spent a day making this:

Pattern: Simplicity 2725
Fabric: Irish linen personally imported by the b.f.'s mum (thanks, Maggi!)
Notes: I had to modify the bejeezus out of this to make it work. I shorted it (possibly too much!), took four inches off the sides, added darts in the back and set in pockets. (The whole reason I bought the pattern was because I thought it had pockets - oops!) It fit like a muumuu before I messed with it. Not the look I was going for.

And I finally finished this:

No, I didn't drink that much wine! I had donations!
New inspiration board!
And then I planted this:

Okay, it doesn't look like much yet. It's a work in progress.

And that darned crochet bug keeps pestering me: does that marigold colour. Maybe I should crochet a belt to go with that dress... See how easy I get distracted?


Anonymous said...

Yeooowwch! She's hot!

kgirl said...

gorgeous dress - you are very talented, with the sewing and the knitting and the crochet and the gardening!

that marigold colour is luscious

Reckless Glue said...

first of all--dress= awesome. Not too short at all --you definitely have the legs for it! Feel like making me my wedding dress? haha.
secondly--are you growing easter eggs in your garden?

andrea said...

It looks awesome!!! I can't wait to sew myself a million summer dresses.

The Nutritionista said...


Oh and "growing" rocks doesn't count as gardening.

Miss Becca said...

The dress looks great! But Im really loving the corkboard!

Fox said...

love the inspiration board - might be Charles's favourite, but could be also be nice in red,white,and blue.

brought to you by s&b...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic dress!

Hazel said...

I've really loved to look around your blog! That dress is lovely, it really inspires me to do more sewing for myself! I'm sure I've seen that rug or something very similar before. Really enjoyed the tour! Will be back again!

msflowerlegs said...

look at you miss productive! good stuff!