Sunday, June 28, 2009

Deadbeat Mom

It's happening already. One measly month of practicing polygamist blogging and my first family is suffering. I have precious little to blog about here this week. Oh, Knitteroo, I'm sorry! (I suppose this is why polygamy doesn't work in the first place. That Big Love show sure is entertaining though...)

Well, like a deadbeat parent who forgot their kid's birthday, I'm going to rummage through what I've got lying around the house, tie a big bow on it and call it a present! Hope you like smokes! (kidding)

Hey, what's this here? A swatch I forgot to show you!

Oh, hang on a minute... TA-DAH!

Happy Birthday! This is the gauge swatch from the Aeolian Shawl I'm thinking of knitting. Unfortunately, I'm only thinking of the knitting. I really can't cast on anything new with all of this blasted deadline knitting going on. (The 'surprise' from the last post has a deadline. Why must I torture myself so?!) Future cottage knitting perhaps?

Having knit exactly one lace shawl in the past and given this is mysterious 'label-free' cone yarn with no label info...

... d'ya think the swatch looks alright? Needle size okay? Calling all lace knitters! Opinions, please!

Whew! I managed to eek out a post. I guess I won't loose custody of Knitteroo just yet. Now, go pour Mommy a glass of wine, will ya?


Anonymous said...

Love that color! I've knit lace several times in the past and most shawls I've knit tend to grow a tad while wearing them. I usually knit in a tightish gauge just so that I can keep the pattern definition. It really depends on your taste, but I would say it's good!

Reckless Glue said...

the bigger the better anyway says I!

emilyoboe said...

I like it; if I were to change it I'd go up a size or so though. nice colour :)

nicole said...

I love your lace swatch!
I have a similar walk down UFO shame Boulevard post in the works....but I count the actual post explaining all my UFOs as the mother of all UFOs.