Friday, July 17, 2009

Attack of the UFOs

Oh dear. I'm in a dilly of a pickle. While innocently searching for a set of wayward needles, I came to the startling discovery that I'm drowning in unfinished objects. How does this happen?

So what's the cure for the UB (unfinished business ) flu? Vitamin F (finishing)!

Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! These UFOs have got to go!


Project: Wavy scarf
Progress: 30%
Excuse: Need one more ball of yarn to finish.
Plan: Froggeroo! Manos is a little itchy for a scarf anyway.
I'll salvage the yarn for future felting projects.

Project: Snowdrop Jacket (fixes)
Progress: 98%
Excuse: Pschologically "over" working on this piece,
despite the fact it is virtually un-wearable until I re-attach the pockets
Plan: Suck it up, sew it up!

Project: Phildar "Poncho Sweater"
(more of a batwing actually)
Progress: 25%
Excuse: Horrendously boring to knit
Plan: Knit up a swatch on the Bond and
see if it's a possible machine project.

Project: Springtime in Paris Cardigan
Progress: 25%
Excuse: Put aside so long ago I can no longer recall why it was put aside.
Sub-Excuse: Not sure if I was knitting brioche properly
Sub-Sub-Excuse: Have come to realize out the yarn is far too heavy for this pattern.
Plan: Rip it out!

Project: The Original Jenny cloche
Progress: 0%
Excuse: Though it looks perfectly finished, this is actually a rip-apart and re-knit situation. This was the prototype of my Jenny Cloche pattern and now that I've made improvements to the design I want to fix the old one for Jenny. My excuse? It's already knit!
Plan: Rip it, skein it, soak it, dry it, wind it, knit it (again)

Project: My very first socks
Progress: 60%
Excuse: When your first sock looks as hilarious as this one,
it's hard to find the motivation to knit the second.
Plan: a) Re-knit wonky looking toe to try to create some semblance of a normal looking sock. If plan 'a' proves successful, knit second sock. If plan 'a' fails, move on to plan 'b'.
Plan: b) Find someone who likes Regia self-pattering sock yarn

Progress: 75%
Excuse: abandoned after first mitten proved to be larger than intended
Sub-Excuse: Find stranded-knitting holding one colour in each hand too awkward
Plan: Switch to right hand all-the-time knitting and get 'er done!

***Gallery does not include unfinished sewing, beading or other various crafty projects.***


kgirl said...

good luck! think how satisfying and liberating it will be to clear those decks!

AndiPants said...

This is making me feel like I should seam my Oblique cardigan instead of casting on a new sweater. I better go dig that out. Good luck with all of your UFO's! I have the same problem.

Reckless Glue said...

holy crap!!!! I have ONE ufo (prairie boots) and I think about them every day. The guilt is eating me alive. Years of catholic guilt conditioning (even though I am now an atheist) are still ingrained and apparently make me incapable of having ufos.

Julia said...

Yeah, I'm afflicted by the crush of Catholic guilt as well - that s**t is hard to shake!

Sel and Poivre said...

"Suck it up. Sew it up" - I'm going to steal that idea!