Sunday, July 12, 2009


Takin' care of BIZ-ness...

Takin' care of BIZ-ness...

Takin' care of BIZ-ness...

Takin' care of BIZ-ness ...

...and workin' overtime - WORKOUT!

I don't know how hard BTO is workin' these days, but I myself, have definitely been working overtime. This leaves little time for knitting, and even less for blogging about it. Somehow, I managed to squeeze out this little BSJ.

PATTERN: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann (duh!)
YARN: Mission Falls 136 Merino (just over one skein per colour - ink #22 & natural #1)
NEEDLES: 4mm addi turbos (60cm/24")
NOTES/MODS: The new BSJ wiki on Ravelry was invaluable for helping me through this. I used one of the spreadsheets there to help me keep track of my rows. No real mods, though I had to fenangle a few rows to make sure my two-row stripes were consistent.

Let me just say - I love it! I've never really been a fan of the BSJ. It always looked so 70's to me. Not 70's in a good, Fleetwood Mac/boho/gypsy... kind of way, more like a god's eye/granny-square-vest/macrame sort of way. Know what I mean?

I think colour choice can drastically change the look this little sweater, and I couldn't be more smitten with navy and white stripes! There's something about two-row garter stitch stripes that just makes me happy.

What doesn't make me happy? The one tiny flaw in my knitting:

I suppose it's not so much a flaw, as an inconsistency. There's a section in the pattern where you need to pick up stitches around an edge. In order to keep my stripes in, well, order, I had to pick up stitches from the wrong side of the work on one end, and from the right side on the other. This means they don't match - grr! I'm sure there's a way to pick up the stitches so that they would match, but it doesn't bother me enough to rip back and fix it. I'm picky, not crazy!

And hey - if you're reading this and suspect you will be the recipient of this little sweater, just keep it to yourself and act surprised when I give it to you, okay?


Fox said...

IT IS BEAUTIFUL!! Great work, Julia! This is such a sweet little sweater and looks fabbo in the blue and white stripe.

Your mistakes - GLARING! I don't know how you can possibly give a gift with such OBVIOUS inconsistencies glaring through the rest of it. FOR SHAME!
(In case you are too sensitive, the above is merely a jesting form of sarcasm... a lowly form of guffaw....) : )) Fox

Fox said...

PS The buttons: perfect!

Anonymous said...

It's adorable. I can't even see your mistake after you pointing it out. We can share the "toughest self critics" award.

B. said...

For me?!! Really?!! You shouldn't have!

Especially as it wouldn't fit.

Reckless Glue said...

uh, there's a mistake there?

it's adorable. Kid just needs 'lil sailor hat to go with it!

kgirl said...

it's gorgeous, and no one but you will notice that so-called mistake in the picking up!!!!

love the buttons, too ;)