Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm back from two fantastic weeks out here:

You can read about the canoe knitting on the "other blog"

Where's here? The middle of nowhere and that's how I like it! It might be quite some time before I can afford the luxury of two weeks off again! There's a lot to catch you up on, so let's make this the catch-all of random cottage happenings, shall we?

First up? NAY-chur!

You just don't see too many mushrooms growing in downtown Toronto. If you did, you can be sure you'd want to stay as far away from them as possible. It's amazing how things that are quite unacceptable in the city, are totally no biggie in the woods. Like this:

Yes, that's poop behind him. Do mice just poop constantly?

This poor little guy got stuck in the bottom of a bowl (that will teach us to do our dishes more promptly). We found him running in place frantically trying to get up the slippery wet side.

After a few minutes of pointing and laughing (and picture-taking) I decided to stop being a cruel city gal and release the country mouse from his ceramic prison. The mice weren't really so much of a problem but the chipmunks on the other hand...

Those little buggers were relentless! Fortunate for them, they're so darn cute it's hard to get angry when they get into your food. Case in point: One morning the b.f. woke up to see a chipmunk run out from inside my moccasin (awh!). Later we discovered the little guy had broken into our bag of rice stored the grains in my shoe (again, awh!). Why would a he bring the rice from the kitchen to my shoe? Chipmunk logic I guess. I don't expect to understand.

It wasn't all rodents, thank goodness. Our cottage rental also appeared to include a dog.

She just ran out of the woods one day startling the be-jesus out of us. Later we saw her swim out to another dock across the lake (it's a really small lake). I dubbed her 'Possibly Layla" as one morning I heard someone call out "Layla!" to a barking dog. She would have been "Definitely Layla" but she only responded to this name about fifty percent of the time. This proves she is either a) Not named Layla, b) named something that merely sounds like Layla or c) is named Layla, but is not very obedient. Regardless of name, she visited often and it was nice to have her company.

Apart from the flora and fauna, you can bet there was some knitting. Turns out mosquitoes like Malabrigo almost as much as I do:

Do mosquitoes count as fauna?

I don't think I could face the winter without that lovely sunshine-y merino wrapped around my neck. I decided to give entrelac a go and printed out this great tutorial before I left. Then using this as a guide, I doubled the cast-on number to give me something more like a wrap/stole than a scarf. I think it's going to work, but it's going to take a heck of a lot of yarn - especially when I'm thinking fringe!

Next post I'll tell you what I bought. Leave it to me to find a way to shop in the middle of nowhere!


Reckless Glue said...

ahhh, I wish we were still there...

Fox said...

Love that running mouse! Glad you finally had sympathy! Looks like a great time at the lake!

BTW - I DO intend to wear that pin EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME! LOL!!! Thanks!
Fox : )

Alrischa said...

If you wear that color in the winter, people will be holding out their hands to you for warmth. hehe! Sun goddess...

kgirl said...

looks like an awesome holiday spot, and awww, the chipmunk and the moccasin and the rice - awwww! Crazy, at home I'd be freaking out, but I'm sure like you, in a cabin in the woods all would be forgiven!

and I love that Possibly Layla just adopted you and hung out - she may not be obedient, but it shows she has exceptional taste in human company ;)