Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ye Olde Tyme Knitting: Anatomical Afghans

So, it's come to this. My new job is encroaching on my 'personal' knitting, and without knitting, well, the blog lies fallow. That is, unless I plant a new crop of yarny seeds! From now on, if I don't have any knitting to blog about, I'm going to pick something from my ever-growing collection of vintage patterns and write a little bit about that. (At least, that's the plan.) So without further ado, let Ye Olde Tyme Knitting begin!

Here's a little something I picked up this summer:

The pattern is called "Afro Afghan and Wall Plaque.
"Capture the African beat on your wall or as a striking afghan..."

Now that afghan on the right... and the wall remind you of anything? Me? It calls to mind a particular scene from the Big Lebowski:
Maude Lebowski: Does the female form make you uncomfortable, Mr. Lebowski?

The Dude: Uh, is that what this is a picture of?

Maude Lebowski: In a sense, yes. My art has been commended as being strongly vaginal which bothers some men. The word itself makes some men uncomfortable. Vagina.

The Dude: Oh yeah?

Maude Lebowski: Yes, they don't like hearing it and find it difficult to say whereas without batting an eye a man will refer to his dick or his rod or his Johnson.

The Dude: Johnson?

You get the picture. Just don't hang that particular crocheted picture on your wall please.

But hey - I'm not writing this to just laugh at the fashion of yesteryear. That's been done. Besides, we've all worn stuff in the past we regret, right? (Pleated jeans anyone?) It's easy to dismiss vintage patterns as dated and silly, but sometimes you just need to get past the front cover. The back cover of this same booklet looks like this:

The blanket on the left? Awesome! I love the colour combo! And here I thought I was the best thing to be born of the seventies!


Anonymous said...

My grandma is always good for a few vintage knitting patterns. Last time I dove into her collection I found a Vogue Knitting from the 50's *squee* Deliciously bad and awesome at the same time!

Fox said...

Gee, I hear they still make Phentex.... have a blast..... crochet an afghan..... : )) Fox

subliminalrabbit said...

you just made my day with the lewbowski quote! gets better with each watch!

kgirl said...

that granny on the right (in the second image) wouldn't look out of place on Ravelry today!

knitlit kate said...

oh yeah! that color combo rocks... and the pattern reminds me of a gees bend motif. great find!