Saturday, November 21, 2009

Do these needles make my socks look fat?

There are socks on my needles... and I'm loving it.

"Socks you say? But I thought you were a self-proclaimed un-sock knitter?"

"I know, right?"

You see, there is just too much to love about these socks to deny them knitting. For one, they are for my Mum. I knit her 'slipper socks' a couple of years ago and she wore them so much she wore them out! It's high time I replaced them. Mums are always good gift recipients, and being a knitter, she is at the top of the knit-gift recipient list. (Yes, that means I'm kicking the x-mas knitting into high gear)

Mmm, yeah okay, they don't look so good when they don't fit.
My mum's feet are two sizes bigger than mine, so it should work out okay.

What else is so great about these puppies?

Big needles! None of that teeny tiny fingering-weight-knit-on toothpicks for me! Go big or go home! And last but not least; the yarn.

Squishy soft merino from Misti Alpaca. It's not the most popular yarn out there, but I think it's perfect for this project (the label says 'worsted' but it's really more like an aran). Best of all - this here yarn is on sale at ye olde yarn hut - and Webs. Whee!

I might just have to knit more than one pair!


Reckless Glue said...

yes! (and I love the colour of those...) This is why my mom fancies herself a sock knitter...she only knits worsted weight socks. She didn't even KNOW what sock yarn was until I showed her some last year. I'm starting to warm to the sock idea, though if I have to knit two of anything I'd still rather it be mittens.

kgirl said...

sure to keep mama's toes toasty ;)

love slipper socks!

Fox said...

You could be in trouble now! Sock knitting is very addictive!