Saturday, January 30, 2010

Debbie does Anaheim

I'm back from my first ever business trip! I'm like, so totally grown up! First I get an accountant, and now a business trip! Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to show you, because, well, you know, it was business. I spent most of my time in Anaheim shuffling between the convention center and the Hilton, so I saw a lot of this:

Only press is permitted to take pictures at the CHA show itself, but I don't think you're missing much. The show is, no joke, 90% scrapbooking. (Who are all these scrapbookers? I saw Laura Ashley scrapbook paper for heaven's sake!) There were however, some interesting displays from other areas of craftiness. Martha Stewart had an impressive booth (duh!) where I was mesmerized by glitter. Then the Clover booth had me looking for reasons to make heart-shaped pom-poms. Naturally, I had to check out the yarn companies...

Cue sound of needle-skating across record!

I was standing with my co-worker by the Coats and Clark booth when I realized I recognized the blonde lady sitting at a table nearby. Without thinking "Oh my god that's Debbie Stoller!" came out of my mouth, probably a little too loud. One of the 'Coats' ladies nearby laughed and urged me to break out of my star-struck state and go talk to her. I did!

Being a huge fan of both Bust Magazine and the Stitch n' Bitch series of books, I was thrilled to have the chance to speak with Ms.Stoller herself. Debbie was there to promote her new line of Stitch Nation yarns. Wicked! I got her to autograph a pattern tear-off for me. It looks like she may have thought my name was "Jane", but whatevs: I met Debbie Stoller!

Later that day I fulfilled another wish much further down the bucket-list.

Yes, I actually made it a point to not leave California without stopping at Tar-zsay. You have to understand, Target doesn't exist in Canada and with all the media attention surrounding their stylish bargains Target was quickly becoming my land of Oz. One of my travel companions thought I was nuts to choose a trip to Target over a trip to Fashion Island; "Target? Eez like Zellers!" (It sounds much cuter in a Latvian accent).

Fashion Island, Schmashen Island! I bought 4 pairs of shoes for under $60! Who's laughing now?


Reckless Glue said...

looks like fun! I know, I always get excited whenever I can hit a target in the States (tho all the designer "go" lines seem to be gone when I do!) booo.

Anonymous said...

You are one lucky jane. I heart Bust to an unholy degree.

AndiPants said...

That's so cool that you met Debbie Stoller. I understand getting starstruck over people like that. I once got starstruck over Phil Foglio. Haha!

I also just have to say that the world is way too small. The model on your autographed pattern has a sewing/fashion blog that I read.

Julia said...

The Rodarte for Target racks were virtually empty. Boo!