Friday, January 01, 2010

English / Icelandic Fusion - in sock form!

There is cold weather, and then there is oppressive, bone-chilling, dear-god-are-you-going-outside? weather. The last couple of days in Toronto have been the latter (-25 ish Celcius with the wind chill factor). How do people live in climates colder than this? How in gods name does one survive in Yellowknife? Anchorage? Reykjavik?

Well, we all know one thing Icelanders have to keep them warm, right? Lopi!

Love it or hate it, the rough stuff from the land of Bjork is certainly good yarn for keeping your toes warm. Okay, so you might not want to wear this stuff next too your skin (mmm! exfoliating!), but that was not my intention with these socks. Until I find the ideal winter boot (I'm picky) I'm wearing my wellies this winter. They score the highest of points when it comes to water resistance, but warm they are not. The manufacturer of said boots sell winter wellie-liners ... for about $40. I might consider such a purchase were they not cheap ugly polyester fleece! Seriously, the Queen of England endorses these boots and I highly doubt she would slide her royal tootsies into such and inferior fabric!

How did showing you my socks turn into a rant about the Queen? To get back on track, I knit these Lopi socks for the sole (!) purpose of wearing between my regular socks and my wellingtons. It's like English/Icelandic fusion!

Pattern: Made it up (I might write a half-arsed one size pattern in the future)
Yarn: 2 skeins of Lopi (not sure of the color # as I picked this yarn up at a craft swap)
Needles: 5mm

Well, I guess the singular purpose isn't entirely true. Given the weather I've hardly taken them off. Turns our they're also great staying-indoors-and-playing Nintendo socks!

***Special thanks to the b.f. for fulfilling my 1985 x-mas wish ***


Anonymous said...

They're gorgeous and I'm sure they do the trick.

We have an old school NES too although, sadly, it's sitting in a box somewhere. That's a sitch that needs rectification.

Reckless Glue said...

love this idea...I too received a pair of hunter wellies this year for xmas (my mum came up with that idea ON HER OWN) but I somehow doubt I could cram both my fat (er I mean muscular yeah) leg AND thick lopi socks in there at the same time...
I love old school mario...totally want that too!

Julia said...

I should have mentioned my wellies are a half-size too big for me!

Tina said...

Wow, these look really warm! There’s nothing better than a warm pair of socks!! (Perhaps a skein of soft yarn that is going to be a pair of warm socks as the fun of knitting them is still ahead…)