Saturday, January 09, 2010

Gluten free

January is traditionally a time to clean up your act and start the new year with your best foot forward. I for one, start each year with a 'cleanse', abstaining from booze, sugar, caffeine and a long list of other delicious stuff. Whether it does my liver or digestive system any good is up for debate, but it's sure does some good for my mental health. I enjoy the temporary view from the morally superior high-ground. It's really the only enjoyment one can expect from two weeks without wine and cheese.

From my high-horse of health, I'm finally ready to take whatever kicks come from looking back at last year's knit-o-lutions. Here goes nuthin'!


• Do more knitting for myself: I knit almost every day last year and how many projects were for me? Not nearly enough. 2009 will be the year of ME!

Ha-ha! That so never happened.

Cowl - for Cindy
Crochet Fawn - for Cara...
Kumara bed Socks - for Maggi
Kumara bed Socks - for Mum
Fair Isle Tam - for me
Entrelac Wrap - for me
Shoulder Shrug - for Cathy
Crochet Cat bed - for Teddy (though in my house, so kind of for me?)
Tea Cozy
- for Mum and Dad
Baby Surprise Jacket - for Renesha/Jerimiah
Cable pillow - for my bro
Crochet bead necklace - for me
Jenny Cloche re-knit - for Jenny
Cashmere Birthday Beanie - for the b.f.
Snowdrop Cardi - for me
Dishcloth - for me
Owl sweater - for me
Paul Smithish scarf - for my bro
Julia hat - for me
Pat hat - for my bro
Bird in hand mittens - for me
Crochet snowflakes - for gifts

I may have missed a few, but that list makes 22 items, 8 for me. That's the year of me? 36%?
Grade: Fail!

• Publish three patterns: Eek! A tall order, but I think I can do it.

My new job makes this one null and void. Let's just say it's all good.
Grade: Pass.

• Stash bust: No more hanging onto yarn I might use one day. Knit it or pass it on!

I think I'm getting a little better on this one. While my stash ebbs and flows, I definitely kicked the habit of buying yarn just because it's pretty.

Grade: Incomplete

Well, that's a crap report card. But before you punish me, let's not forget my remarkable grades in health!


1: Make an afghan for my couch. This is so overdue it's not funny.

2: Make some other nice things for my home. I made a lot of home dec-y stuff for other people last year, so why not some nice stuff for me?

3: Make a sweater I like to wear. This one's a toughie. I think I've learned enough about tension and ease to make sweaters fit better, but fit isn't always the issue.

Now that I've got a plan it's time to get my steady caffeine-free fingers away from the keyboard and into the yarn! I wonder how long it will take the February cocktails to wipe this 2010 plan from my memory?


Reckless Glue said...

based on all the knitting you did for others in 2009...I feel very ashamed of myself!

Jessica said...

I like your goals for 2010 and it looks to me that you actually did pretty well on last year's goals as well, at least you made some things for yourself!

kgirl said...

we have FebFast here - do you guys do that? It's predominantly to do with being alcohol-free for a month, but I reckon throw the whole bleedin' lot in, mate ;)

good luck with the goals for 2010, too - I think you did pretty well with the 2009 ones, bit harsh on yourself there!!